Conrad Steel

For all its much-vaunted grime, Berlin has its share of over-exposed, over-sanitised, and yes, overpriced tourist attractions. But scratch the surface, and you’ll be surprised what you can see on the cheap. Read more

What's On

There's only one month left of summer, so if you haven't seen the two mosted talked exhibitions of the season, it's time to make your dates. Photography is the medium of choice. Read our review of Larry Clark here. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

OUT NOW! LAY THE FAVORITE, like so many adaptations falls flat. Its too kitschy, cliche and all around painful. Read more


A new wave of fitness craze has hit Berlin in the shape of Fitbox and its innovative technologies. The technology massages your muscles with electrodes for 20 minutes; enough for a week and to get you toned (supposedly). Read more


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