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If there is one Ostprodukt that did not fall with the Wall, it’s the Spreewald gherkin. Twenty years after reunification, the Brandenburg treat accounts for half of the domestic market. Read more

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Interview: Jorinde Dröse. Staging Hans Fallada's last, most famous and recently rediscovered work, Jeder stirbt für sich allein, Dröse brushes aside the obscurity that the author faced after his death in 1947. Read more

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Around the World in 14 Films begins on Nov 25, exploring the international cinema scene through a diverse selection drawn from the finest film festivals. Read more



Photo by Ana Garcia de la Blanca

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OUT NOW! Two of our reviewers completely disagree on whether the misery was worth it. Read more

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Interview: Mando Diao's Björn Dixgård rang to talk about the band's stint as harmonizing hermits in the Swedish wilderness and road to fame, rising over the last decade from pouty garage revivalists to indie darlings. Read more

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Interview: Moon Duo. Sanae Yamada and Ripley Johnson play a space rock sound that's drawn comparisons to the Velvet Underground. They rock Festsaal Kreuzberg on Oct 8. Read more

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Courtesy of The Library of Congress

As an expat New Yorker Daniel Berg is a bit miffed about not being invited to the official commemoration services for the anniversary of 9/11, yet he still finds a lot to muse about as we cross the decade line since the attacks on the Twin Towers. Read more

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