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The sound behind the vision

Photos: Eduard Meyer's Private Collection

Former Hansa Studios recording engineer Eduard Meyer recalls his time with Bowie and Iggy. Read more

Interviews & Portraits

This July marks one year of the German criminalisation of one of sex’s biggest taboos: zoophilia. Despite this, some people remain open about their non-traditional love. Meet Oliver, a man fighting for his right to a relationship... with a dog. Read more

Interviews & Portraits 4 Comments

The city is still experiencing the David Bowie exhibition at Martin-Gropius-Bau (on through August 24), but some Berliners take it a step further and live it. Diehards, collectors, lookalikes and former stalkers: meet Berlin’s Bowie nuts. Read more

Interviews & Portraits

One of the last bastions of an older, spikier Mitte has finally closed its doors to make way for yet more luxury flats. But the famous anarchist bar lives on, with a new home in Prenzlauer Berg – "BAIZ bleibt!" Read more

Insider Tips

Neukölln's premier breakfast spot Lagari plays host to Berlin's first annual chili cookoff! On Sat, May 17, catch some hot music, bourbon and chillies. On hand to judge are Exberliner's own D. Strauss and Maurice Frank. Read more

Food & Drink 3 Comments

Now in its 10th year, film festival Achtung Berlin returns on Apr 9 bigger than ever, with six cinemas screening over 100 films shot or produced in or around Berlin and Brandenburg. And this year see's the first ever Exberliner Film Award! Read more


INTERVIEW. This month's EXBlicks film DramaConsult follows three ambitious Lagos businessmen as they travel to Germany vying for business contacts. Director Dorothee Wenner joins us on Apr 8, 20:30 at Lichtblick Kino. As always, with English subs. Read more


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