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Today's the third day of Hanukkah! We asked three young artists what it's like to be an Israeli Jew in Berlin. (Short answer: complicated.) Read their stories here. Read more

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With the COP 21 climate change conference having just kicked off in Paris, we turn our eyes to pollution right here in Berlin. Few are aware that we have some of the worst air pollution in Europe. What is the city doing about it? Surprisingly little. Read more

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OUT NOW! Starring, written by and directed by Joel Edgerton, THE GIFT is aptly named: a tense, unpredictable, effective psychological thriller about the unwelcome return of an old classmate. Read more



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Running from Nov 13-29, the Maxim Gorki Theater invites over 35 artists and groups from around the world to provide their unique responses to the refugee crisis, from reinterpreted ancient Greek tragedies to Berlin city tours with a difference. Read more

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On the 77th anniversary of Kristallnacht, we take a look at the most ubiquitous reminders of the Holocaust in Berlin: Stolpersteine. Meet a Berlin woman whose quest for a Stolperstein on her block led her down the rabbit hole of Holocaust history. Read more

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Organised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Futurale film festival turns a timely eye on tomorrow’s labours of love, man and machine through seven documentaries. Catch it at Arsenal Nov 5-8. Read more


Who owns big data? What's wrong with state-provided health care? In advance of the Berliner Gazette's Un|Commons conference at the Volksbühne Oct 22-24, we spoke to Max Haiven about these issues and more. Read more


From Tresor to The Orb, Thomas Fehlmann has played a key role in Berlin's electronic music scene – but still champions the soul and human touch. In the wake of their new album, Fehlmann and Alex Paterson bring The Orb to Gretchen on Oct 18. Read more

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INTERVIEW: With the release of their third album, Jasamine White-Gluz and co. have taken on a more grown-up approach to music and lyrics. The Canadian shoegazers perform on Wed, Sep 23 at Kantine am Berghain. Read more

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INTERVIEW: Norwegian author, journalist and activist Jørgen Johansen speaks at Disruption Network Lab's "Samizdata" conference on Sat, Sep 12. He gave us his best tips on how (and why!) to resist the state. Read more

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The world's most famous dissident artist is here! And he's keen on letting us know. We traced the social media addict's path, and we've got a few ideas where he should head next. Maybe you can spot him this weekend. Read more

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The much-anticipated performance art piece from Theater Anu, Die große Reise, is lighting up Tempelhofer Feld at night. Circus-like, surreal characters pine for unattainable fantasies and you become a part of the show. Through Aug 23. Read more

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