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It's your last chance to see GDR photographer retrospective "Helga Paris, Fotografin" at Akademie der Künste through Jan 12. Plus three more must-see provocative GDR photography exhibitions on now! Read more

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PHOTO GALLERY! Is a dispassionate look at the GDR finally possible? A film project and an exhibition take a more empathetic look into the everyday lives of East Germans. Read more


From Berlin's streets to souvenir shops, we find out how the quirky traffic light symbol of the bygone East went on to colonise the West. Read more


INTERVIEW! This month has seen countless events exploring Berlin's divided past. But the GDR lives on - in our Ossi neighbours! Meet Siegfried Strehlow. He tells his plucky escape, daring rescue tunnel, Stasi-monitored romance, and more. Read more

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With 1988 art hall Galerie Loock opening an exhibition on East German photographer Christian Borchert on Nov 23, our critic explores this month's top exhibitions at galleries that grew out of the post-Wende buzz. Read more

Art & Exhibitions


Krueger Bundesarchiv

We investigate how the pre-Wall GDR provided a ticket out of North Korea and, ironically, how today's Germany has helped a South Korean filmmaker get into the closed-off country. Read more


With Kino International screening 1989 queer film "Coming Out" on Nov 9, the GDR's first (and only) feature dealing with homosexuality, our columnist chats to Ossis to find out more about the East Berlin gay scene. Read more


INTERVIEW! Ahead of his two new Koenig Galerie shows opening Nov 9 and 10, we met the painter and epitome of a Berlin artist at his studio to chat politics, partying and painting away his GDR childhood nightmares. Read more

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Ahead of Stasi-monitored East German photographer Harald Hauswald's talk on Nov 7 at the Stasi Museum, he tells us more about his work capturing everyday life of people in East Berlin and his experience as a dissident artist in the GDR. Read more

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Ahead of the East German artist's installation work "Tag X" which opens Nov 4-7 at the former GDR administrative building, a part of 30 years Peaceful Revolution - Fall of the Wall, Naumann opens up about how she's been inspired by the Wende. Read more

Interviews & Portraits

Thirty years after the Fall of the Wall, what's left of the GDR? We speak to our Ossi neighbours, find the best spots to live the East Berlin life today - and the design, fashion and football icons that have survived the Wende! Out now! Read more


Catch "This Ain’t California" and meet its director Marten Persiel at Lichtblick Kino on Sep 23, as part of our EXBlicks monthly series. Blending fact and fiction, the film portrays a small but vibrant GDR skateboarding community. Read more


What’s happening with Berlin’s Cold War border crossings? Read more


Barbara Sukowa’s Luxemburg in Margarethe von Trotta’s biopic has become as iconic as the revolutionary herself. Why didn’t the GDR make its own film about the Red Rosa? On Jan 7, Arsenal screens the GDR's few cinematic portrayals of her. Read more

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INTERVIEW! Leander Haußmann on his upcoming “loud and farcical” Stasi-centric piece at the Volksbühne. Catch it Dec 14, 15 and 21 at 19:30. Read more

Theatre & Dance

In German theatre veteran Armin Petra’s adaptation of Clemens Meyers’ homonymous short story collection, a succession of night-time suburban encounters flow swiftly and sometimes confusingly between one another. Read more

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In the German papers this week: Vexing and perplexing news stories from Berlin and beyond... Read more

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Danish writer Aske Hald Knudstrup attempts to get to the root of the GDR’s peculiar obsession with his country’s “Olsen Gang” comedies. Read more


At a brewpub out in Marzahn, a carpenter turned chef cooks up hearty German classics and bar snacks that provide the perfect accompaniment to freshly brewed craft beer. Read more

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Political philosopher and author Joseph Vogl on how conservatives have been fostering xenophobia since decades before the AfD. Read more

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