Kids from Syria rescue a famous Ossi school, winning over locals' acceptance and affection deep in reputedly refugee-adverse Brandenburg. A Merkel refugee integration dream come true? Ruth Schneider drove up to Golzow and checked the reality of it. Read more


Happy Mother's Day! In honor of Muttis here in Berlin, we take a look at the creative, multilingual offspring of the Prenzlauer Berg baby boom. Read more

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Whether because of paternity leave, freelance work or a wife who brings home the bacon, more and more Berlin dads are choosing to stay home with the kids. But does that mean a reversal of the old, stereotypical roles? Maybe not. Read more


It might be Berlin, but does that make it easier to raise a family outside of societal norms? An increasing number of Berliners are breaking out of the nuclear mould, creating patchwork families, rainbow families and tri-parent families. Read more

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Rainer Höß is the grandson of Auschwitz top executioner Rudolf Höß. His quest for truth broke four generations of silence, and turned him into a pariah in a family still infected by the virus of Holocaust denial. Read more

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Our April issue is all about families in Berlin – in all their constellations. Read our bit here on "indie mums", the new breed of single mothers who are anything but lonely. For more, buy a copy of our April issues available on newsstands or online. Read more

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Hans-Torsten Richter offers advice on navigating the Standesamt and getting your baby's name accepted, especially in the case when your name of choice is something more original than Florian or Julia. Read more


Sometimes boys just wanna have fun, and sometimes boys just wanna be on their own. From fisting to 'staches to fraternities, we checked out five Berlin boys' clubs. Read more

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Berlin's new generation of fathers is shunning traditional gender-role stereotypes to spend more time with their kids – but German legislation isn't backing them up. Read more

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Jacinta and Co. delve into the mechanics of language. She and her son are part-inventor, part-bard. Read more


Jacinta Nandi's son can hardly wait to enter puberty. She's looking forward to it slightly less, obviously. Read more

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OUT NOW! THE BUDGET BERLIN SPECIAL! An extra page issue of Exberliner with all the best bargains, exclusive reader deals and insider tips for an affable and affordable summer in Berlin! Read more


OUT NOW! TEN YEARS OF EXBERLINER! That's right, we've been covering the best, the most scandalous, entertaining, groundbreaking and newsworthy happenings of Germany's Hauptstadt for a decade now! Take a look at the ride inside! Read more


The latest location of the twee, family-friendly pop-up store adds a touch of colour and whimsy to its grim surroundings. Get some designer threads for your young 'un and maybe yourself! Read more

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Jacinta Nandi's son isn't even a teenager yet but he's already put her on a very strict anti-kissing programme. Things can only get, er, even worse. Read more

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OUT NOW! "The THEATRE issue" – Our THEATER guide, REVOLUTIONARIES of STAGE, RACISM in Berlin theatre, and our guide to TAX TIME. PLUS, an interview with ANDRE WILLIAMS and much more. Read more


Jacinta realizes that she takes some things for granted. There are plenty of nice things about Germany that England doesn't provide – she's just been here so long she sometimes takes them for granted. Or just plain forgets about them. Read more


Jacinta Nandi is a crap mum – but she still has some top tips on dealing with fussy eaters. Read more

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The plethora of dance schools dotted around Berlin can now welcome another contender to the choreographic crown as Studio Motion, offering classes for both kids and adults, has opened its doors. Read more

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Our brats editor says it's good for more than just feeding your baby. There are so many advantages to breast-feeding! It’s quick, easy, healthy – and there’s all this great stuff you can do with the surplus. Here's what. Read more

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