This summer, EXB is taking you off the beaten track with insiders' hangout tips, hot Berlin debut novels, a trip to a Kurdish village full of Berliners, Max Czollek's original take on how Germany is really treating Jews and much more! Out now! Read more

Open-air cinema season hits its stride in June. Read more


No shit! EXB is another year older and dedicating its anniversary issue to the lucky, yucky and fertile topic of poop. From real shit workers to the many faeces of German history, from anal douching to doggy-doo delinquency and much more! Out now! Read more

Take a spring trip – in Berlin! We've rounded up some of the best local getaways including a riviera walk, island hopping, time travel, kitsch excursions, intercultural wedding crashing and much more! Out now! Read more

The first hint of warmth is all Berlin needs to turn moviegoing into an outdoor pursuit. Dust off your picnic blankets and pull up a deck chair – open-air cinema season is upon us once again. Here's a sneak peek at what to expect. Read more

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Freiluftkino season is now in full swing, offering you the chance to catch top flicks under the stars in vaguely bucolic surroundings. Here's your quick guide to what's what. Read more


The weather might not feel like it at the moment, but open-air cinema season is just around the corner! Here's what to expect at Berlin's Freiluftkinos in May. Read more


From giant classics, to the newest selections from fringe film festivals, Berlin's open air cinemas are offering plenty of candy for cinema gluttons this summer. Read more


Summer cinema is best enjoyed al fresco. Try some of the tastiest offerings from Berlin's 2013 Freiluftkino buffet – watch Berlin angels in a grassy Kreuzberg garden or sweet transvestites in a forest clearing. Read more


Hoping this summer finally sets off proper and gives us the glorious sunny days and balmy nights we so pine for, Berlin’s beloved Freiluftkinos have again put together a fine selection of films. Here's the June rundown! Read more

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