We check out Berlin's new science-based museum/public lecture hall mash-up. With 3D printers, robots, a free exhibition and a skywalk with a 360° city view, it's a must to get your futuristic science fix. Catch their free AI lecture on Oct 10. Read more


The Exberlinale Blog: Losing the plot

Cameron Cook assesses a pair of narratively experimental features in this year’s Panorama strand. Read more

Feb 9, 2019 1:50 PM The Berlinale Blog

The artist and co-curator of HKW's exhibition on Russian Cosmism explains what's so inspiring about the spaced-out movement, and what the difference is between the Cosmists' universal quest for immortality and Silicon Valley-style trans-humanism. Read more

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OUT NOW! With stunning visuals set at the small scale I WANT TO SEE THE MANAGER observes the quintessential social, environmental and economic issues of our globalised world. Read more


Our April issue is all about families in Berlin – in all their constellations. Read our bit here on "indie mums", the new breed of single mothers who are anything but lonely. For more, buy a copy of our April issues available on newsstands or online. Read more

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We weren't all incinerated in a firestorm of Mayan smugness on Dec 21, but Exberliner investigated nine other apocalyptic scenarios, just in case. Read more

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A decade of Exberliner continues online with a series of our 10 best features throughout the years – from critical to hysterical to heart-breaking. Day eight revisits the myth of cheap Berlin housing. Read more

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Following Jamba’s breakthrough five years ago, high-tech businesses have been thriving on Berlin’s abundant creative talent and low living costs. Read more


At the European premiere of the doomsday blockbuster 2012 - held in Berlin on the 20th anniversary of the Mauerfall - its star John Cusack was questioned by a fawning fan: “What do you think about the future, John?” Read more

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“Birth rates at an all-time low!” “The Germans are dying out!” The headlines couldn’t be more alarming, but the statistics behind them lead to more complex conclusions. We picked apart Germany’s demographic anxieties. Read more

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The Mayan calender prophecy is the latest in a long line of cosmic events that were said to spell the end. Here are some of the most anticipated apocalypses in history - all of which, needless to say, fizzled. Read more

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Photo by Sebastian Lang

After two months of intense protests, students at universities in Berlin and across the country are determined to continue the fight until their demands are met. At stake? The future of German higher education. We met the rebels. Read more

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Photo by Alice Harrison

Some Berlin pensioners are recycling their past to inspire a new generation. Read more

Interviews & Portraits

Green Party politician Michael Schäfer wants to see Berlin reduce its carbon emissions by over 40 percent (compared to 1990 levels) in the next 10 years. Young and charismatic, Schäfer came to politics after working as an ad writer; he has been a member of the Berlin Parliament since 2006. Read more

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It’s August 2050. The Spree has run dry as temperatures edge up to 40C. The nights are tropical; the days, scorching. Your elderly neighbour was found dead: her air conditioning broke down weeks ago... Read more



Photo by Sam Williams

If the world is a stage, then all the actors were in Copenhagen last month to play out a pre-scripted apocalyptic drama. Our reporter paid an unofficial visit to the front lines of the UN climate change conference. Read more


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