In case you missed it! From hefty stories about the NSA, Nazis and religious radicals to hot topics like GEMA, sexism in the tech industry and animal love to killer profiles of fascinating personalities, last year had no shortage of scoops. Read more


Here's a rocket-speed tour through German music copyright law, the deal with Youtube and why Germany's "music mafia" has musicians and venue owners alike frustrated. Read more

Concerts & Parties

You might only know GEMA as the bastards who block Youtube (still!) but for Berlin's indie musicians and small venue owners, the music royalty organisation is a real point of contention. Learn more at Music Pool Berlin's workshop on Oct 23. Read more

Concerts & Parties 2 Comments

In the wake of several protests, it's evident that GEMA is short on friends. But is GEMA truly awful? And if so, how awful? Exberliner gets past the complaints about Youtube and club closure fear to examine all sides of the protested organisation. Read more

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Photo by opyh (Flickr CC)

Konrad is glad that Berlin's clubbers used precise punctuation during their anti-GEMA protests this week. But even the innovative use of brackets can't save some Middle East jokes. Read more


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