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RANT! New Year's resolution 2020? Learn German! And actually, you don't need to go back to school! Jacinta Nandi's top 10 tips for learning German for free! Read more

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RANT! Why is "good night" only interpreted as I slept with you! And "schönes Wochenende" on Thursday morning? I'm so confused. Jacinta Nandi's timely mistakes. Read more


RANT! You’ve been living in Berlin for how long? And still can’t order yourself a fucking Orangensaft! Jacinta Nandi on arrogant English speakers. Read more

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Berlin is scooting towards the e-revolution – or is it? EXB investigates how the "Verkehrswende" is coming along. Also in this issue: e-scooters tested, the local skating scene revisited and September's book, film and art fests previewed! Out now! Read more

INTERVIEW! On Aug 22, Berlin's English-language lit journal "SAND" hosts SAND Open-Air, an evening of live readings on Tempelhofer Feld. We sat down with editor Jake Schneider to chat about the city's thriving non-German lit scene. Read more

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The addictive language learning app – for Brexit Brits and everyone else who wants and/or needs to get their German up to speed Read more


Yet another debate on English-speaking staff in the service industry? CDU politician Jens Spahn thinks it's "dumb" to speak English in the German capital. Is this a case of a provincial politician lost in the Weltstadt or a downright xenophobe? Read more

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Still want to learn German but just can't fit it into your busy schedule? We've all been there. New language learning platform Lingoda is a pretty damn good solution for when school just isn't an option. Read more

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Denglisch, Germlish or just plain bad German? He's no linguistic purist, but Seymour has "the Nase voll" with this Scheiße. Read more

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Where do international parents send their kids to for both their own breather and their kids benefit? D.A.S. Akademie offers a two-week break from your brats while they get beefed-up German skills and a trendy set of new international friends. Read more

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Two weeks into the New Year is a good time to evaluate the progress of your resolutions for 2015. Mossy shares hers to remind us never to give up on hope, at least not until January 31. Read more



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John wants to fight the patriarchy in the German language, surveys the options and then has some suggestions of his* own. Read more

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"Und das ist auch gut so..." After a lot of deliberation regarding ourselves and the changing social landscape of the city, we've made a radical decision: Read on to find out what future holds in store for Berlin's international magazine. Read more

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If your biggest beef with people is the way they spell, you need to get over it, says Jacinta Nandi. Read more

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Jacinta was going to say something about racism today, but then she realized she was tired of that and maybe it's a job for someone else for the time being. So here's a list instead. Read more

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Jacinta Nandi doesn't mind it when Germans speak to her in English. But she is never gonna have sex with another Blog-Fan as long as she lives. Promise. Read more

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INTERVIEW. The incisive Izzard is a worldwide star – known as much for his hysterical monologues as his flair for women's clothing. With his eyes set long-term on politics, short-term he's doing German at Imperial Club and Quatsch through Feb 28. Read more

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Jacinta Nandi loves it when German men explain things to her. Read more

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Jacinta Nandi thinks that German boys who get upset about the "Innen" ending have incredibly tiny penises. Read more

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Jacinta Nandi wonders why German men sound so hugely unattractive when speaking English. And she knows it's not their fault. Read more

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