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Freelancers Unionise

Martin N. Hinze

Be a freelancer - work for who you want, when you want! The sales pitch sounds great, but the reality isn’t as rosy. Read about how Berlin's gig workers are fighting back against exploitative conditions. Read more

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What would you do if you were a politician? Make even more laws? Read more


Ever wondered exactly what goes into a Geflügelwurst? You're not alone. Here's a inside look at the complicated and secretive system of German food labelling regulations. Read more


This June Sioux Indian artist Robert Packard was convicted of giving the Hitler salute during a confrontation back in 2013. Now he's probably the first Native American to be ever be convicted of a far-right crime in Germany. Here's the strange tale. Read more

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With a new law set to allow dual citizenship for the first time, Germany's forced choice nationality policy is set to change. Exberliner examines what this change really means, talking both to the experts and the people set to be most effected. Read more

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Should Germany keep prostitution legal? Despite the recent Alice Schwarzer outcry, John Riceburg says yes. Even if he might not sign up for the profession himself. Read more

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More than 4.3 million people in Germany have gotten letters accusing them of piracy on the internet. Just last week a friend got an Abmahnung demanding lots of money. What should you do if you're accused of illegal file sharing? Read more

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Everyone knows someone that's received one of those terrifying letters – the ungodly demand that one coughs up huge wads of cash for downloading media. But why is it so risky in Germany? And what is to be done? Read more

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