Let's try a word association: When I say the word "debt", what word pops into your mind? It's "Greece", right? But, John Riceburg asks, what if Germany was actually the country that needs to pay its debts? Read more

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Wait! Before you get angry, John wants you to know the title of this blog post is just a quote. Please hear him out... Read more


It turns out that Angela Merkel doesn't really know what to do about Greece either. But she thinks she's right anyway. That makes Konrad feel better. Read more


There's one thing more offensive than Yanis Varoufakis giving the bird to all of Germany. And that's the Günther Jauch show. Konrad is exasperated. Read more


The German media used the week to report on the increasingly idiotic row between the Greek and German governments. Meanwhile, two major German companies were punished for corruption charges. Read more

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Merkel isn't as evil as everyone outside Germany says, but now would be a good time for German politicians to stop wagging their fingers at Athens. Read more

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Ares Kalandides explains why the victory of left-wing party Syriza in Sunday's elections matters so much to Greeks, both at home and here in Berlin. Read more

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The week in Berlin and Germany related news is brought to you again by Mr. Gris: Germany is the enemy of Greece, beer the enemy of Angela Merkel and, apparently, pastel colored pants the enemy of straight people. Read more

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