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While most mainstream Berlin hip hop consists of posturing ‘gangsta’ rap from the likes of Bushido, there’s a surprisingly lively underground of new rappers on the block. Even more unusual for hip hop in Germany is the fact that they’re black. Read more

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Gentrification. There, we said it. Shudder all you want, but rent prices aren't the only changes Berlin's been through in the past few decades. Even long-time residents are thankful for the open-mindedness and decreased crime that have tagged along. Read more


Although many people might not know it, Berlin has a big Vietnamese community. Some of its members shared their stories with us. Read more

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INTERVIEW. Frankfurt electro-duo with great "Body Language", Booka Shade, get all loved up on the tail of their new album "EVE" at Electrified! festival this Fri, Mar 14 at Tempelhof. Read more

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When Isherwood published his "Goodbye to Berlin", he was 35. These modern-day writers are all under 40 and, whether e-published, self-published or contracted by a German publisher, they have also put out their own Berlin memoirs. Read more


Get a peek behind the fake eyelashes, glitter and tassels at our next instalment of EXBlicks, where we screen Ivan Aranega’s Berlin Burlesque. Catch a dazzling overview of the wild world of burlesque at Lichtblick Kino on Mon, Dec 9 at 20:00. Read more


OUT NOW! AS TIME GOES BY IN SHANGHAI gracefully uses jazz music to explore 20th century Chinese history. Read more


There's another kind of sought-after mushroom in Berlin, but these transcendental feelings are experienced in the mouth, not in the mind. Chido's Mushrooms grows specialty bio-mushrooms that have Berlin's restaurants clamouring for the caps. Read more

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Get to grips with history – and grab an acoustic glimpse inside the unassuming Bundespresseamt – thanks to a new English-language audio tour app from composer George Klein that plays a 'topographic composition' as you saunter down the Spree. Read more

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Craving Mex without the Tex? Berlin's never been known for its amazing Mexican food, but that may be about to change. These five restos are as authentic as you're gonna get. Read more

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The Day of the Dead (Oct 31-Nov 2) is fast approaching – do you know where your sugar skulls are? From mariachi to mescal, celebrate properly with our "Mexberliner" guide. Read more

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Every Tuesday the former swimming pool complex turned multi-use venue transforms into a gourmet vegetarian restaurant. While the meals are small, the price and taste are right – €7 and delicious. The next one happens on Oct 15. Read more

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INTERVIEW. In this month's EXBlick's film JuliAugust, Marco Štorman captures the tumultuousness of twentysomething life via a road trip-turned-love triangle. Catch it on Mon, Oct 14 at Lichtblick Kino at 20:00. Read more


BEST OF BERLIN: On Sep 14, DIY lovers get a big bash. Recycled Creativity celebrates its fifth anniversary at the Lohmühle trailer park, with clothing swaps, yoga, music, and free bites. Just bring your old junk so it can be someone else's treasure. Read more

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Make-believe is everything. One of two EXBlicks screenings this month, Berlin-based Aron Lehmann's take on Henry Kleist's novella is an antidote to des Pallières’ big-action adaptation. Catch it at Lichtblick Kino on Mon, Sep 9, 20:30. Read more


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