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Photo by Veronica Jonsson

A quirky little bohemian coffee shop in the sleepy borderlands between Prenzlauer Berg and Pankow? Flint & Watson opened its doors in an unlikely location on Berliner Straße in March. Yummy eco-conscious coffee and bagels make the rounds there. Read more

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One of the last bastions of an older, spikier Mitte has finally closed its doors to make way for yet more luxury flats. But the famous anarchist bar lives on, with a new home in Prenzlauer Berg – "BAIZ bleibt!" Read more

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It might be Berlin, but does that make it easier to raise a family outside of societal norms? An increasing number of Berliners are breaking out of the nuclear mould, creating patchwork families, rainbow families and tri-parent families. Read more

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Rainer Höß is the grandson of Auschwitz top executioner Rudolf Höß. His quest for truth broke four generations of silence, and turned him into a pariah in a family still infected by the virus of Holocaust denial. Read more

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Where did all that gritty charm go? It seems as though the smell of moustache wax and fag smoke is being overwhelmed by baby sick and school dinners as the city's onetime underbelly gets a dose of the G-word. Read more


Here, queer but not quite getting used to it? The latest addition to the gay scene: a sex party aimed at expats is here to make your integration easier. As of now, it's a mouthful of Germans, but check the next one for yourself on May 5 at Stahlrohr. Read more

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Photo by Matze Hielscher

With Festsaal Kreuzberg's role as central music hub of Kottbusser Tor going up in smoke last July, the Berlin music scene has felt the loss. And poured in the support. The future of the venue may be uncertain, but optimism survives. Read more

Concerts & Parties

What has become of the once charismatic kiez, Mitte's Alte and Neue Schönhauser Straße? Falling victim to rising rents, many of the liveliest independent boutiques have been replaced by chain stores. A few fight on, but is the end coming? Read more

Zeitgeist 1 Comments

OUT NOW! A trip through musical history, documentary 20 FEET FROM STARDOM sings to our hearts. Read more


OUT NOW! Claire Tomalin's bio of Charles Dickens hits screens as THE INVISIBLE WOMAN. Read more


INTERVIEW. With the success of Creed in 1997, Scott Stapp wedged overt religion into rock music, making his public crash all-but-inevitable. After picking up the pieces, he's back with a tell-all, an album and arms wide open at C-Club on Sun, Apr 27. Read more

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OUT NOW! Jude Law as law breaker DOM HEMINGWAY is all talk, no snatch. Read more


OUT NOW! Eloquent tale of vengeance and forgiveness in war torn Bosnia in KUGOVI (CIRCLES). Read more


OUT NOW! Style icon of the 21st century YVES SAINT LAURENT is over-dressed and under-realised. Read more


Fridey Mickel details her visit to the home of German businessman and art collector Heiner Wemhöner, whose impressive collection (or at least a portion of it) is surveyed in a special exhibition at Osram Höfe. Catch it before it ends on Sat. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

Marking the climax of four years of collaboration exploring concepts of togetherness and individuality, dance duo Jared Gradinger and Angela Schubot team up with HAU for a week-long retrospective starting Apr 22. Read more

Theatre & Dance

OUT NOW! Australiana gets wild in epic-camel-trek TRACKS. Read more


OUT NOW! A stunning portrait of 'life as art' as well as life and art, MUSUEM HOURS sweeps us away. Read more


Combining devilishly delectable treats with a wry sense of humour, Naciye Kilic's Kreuzberg sugar emporium Chocolateria Sünde shows there is more to chocolate than sweetness. Read more

Insider Tips

It may be easy to write Roamers off as yet another on-trend cafe on Pannierstraße, but the labors of Flore Schmidt and Chris Schiefner make this place stand out – which can be seen in their shakshuka, smoothies and, of course, on Instagram. Read more

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