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Haven't seen the Bowie exhibition at Martin-Gropius-Bau yet? It only remains a Lodger there for a short time longer. With the end in sight on August 24, Exberliner’s music editor meditates on Bowie, rebirth and Berlin. Read more

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The city is still experiencing the David Bowie exhibition at Martin-Gropius-Bau (on through August 24), but some Berliners take it a step further and live it. Diehards, collectors, lookalikes and former stalkers: meet Berlin’s Bowie nuts. Read more

Interviews & Portraits

INTERVIEW: In 1970s West Berlin, singer, performer and club owner Romy Haag ruled the city's burgeoning nightlife scene – and stole David Bowie's heart. As the rest of the city goes through "where are they now?" syndrome, Romy rarely reminisces. Read more

Interviews & Portraits

It started in April, and will only last till June 24: it’s Spargelzeit! Eat asparagus now, commands Françoise Poilâne… but not just anywhere. As the season draws to a close, have you had your fair share of the white gold? It's time to act now! Read more

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Even 35 years after he left Berlin to reboard the spaceship to global stardom, David Bowie continues to inspire volumes of new writing. We talked to four authors whose books come to grips with the glam rocker’s “golden years”. Read more

What's On

Since 1998 the Berlin Biennale, the near cult-level art fair, has surfaced biannually with new curators, themes, and locations, on the heels of Documenta as one of Germany's most important art events. It kicks off May 8 and runs through Aug 8. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

The ninth edition of Berlin favourite Xposed International Queer Film Festival offers up a rich array of international cinema and parties, with a particularly Scandinavian slant this year. Catch it from May 29 through Jun 1 at Moviemento. Read more

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OUT NOW! Tense and compelling doppelgänger psycho drama ENEMY pits Jake Gyllenhaal against himself. Read more


OUT NOW! Painfully predictable, reality TV underdog's tale ONE CHANCE misses the mark. Read more


OUT NOW! Wickedly sharp ZEIT DER KANNIBALEN lets German greed go at itself in this dark comedy. Read more


INTERVIEW. French Canadian Villeneuve goes two for one in Enemy, his adaptation of the José Saramago novel The Double. Jake Gyllenhaal does a double take, playing two different roles for the same film. Enemy hits Berlin cinemas May 22. Read more


Berlin has long been a celebrated centre of graffiti, but its arguably most pervasive medium – the sticker – is also amongst its most underrated. Oliver Baudach is changing that with his Friedrichshain-based Hatch Sticker Museum. Read more

Insider Tips

INTERVIEW: Just off an Oscar nomination for the score to Spike Jonze's Her, former Final Fantasist and Arcade Fire fiddle player Owen Pallett is back with his fourth solo album In Conflict, performing at Volksbühne on Sunday, May 25. Read more


OUT NOW! An interesting premise drowns in banality in bookish romance WORDS AND PICTURES. Read more


The city of Berlin has certainly touched a nerve with its plans to build on the city's unique open field. On May 25 the 100% Tempelhofer Feld initiative, which would keep the Feld wild, is put to a vote. Dan Borden explores what's at stake. Read more

Zeitgeist 2 Comments

The Bowie exhibition at Martin-Gropius-Bau opened on May 20! But are you already sick of all the Bowie hype (that we had a hand in as well)? One of our own was sick of it long ago. Jacob Sweetman won't have his disdain contained. Read more

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One of Berlin's most promising photographers, Sascha Weidner passed away last weekend at age 38. We spoke to him one year ago. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

OUT NOW! Poor characterisation and a rather overblown sense of mystery undermines motorcycle drama STEREO. Read more


INTERVIEW: Next week Bowie-mania in Berlin comes to a head with the opening of mammoth exhibition "David Bowie Is..." at Martin-Gropius-Bau on May 20. What can you expect to see? Curator Victoria Broackes knows. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

OUT NOW! Kevin Costner attempts to juggle CIA assignments, brain cancer and wayward Parisian teens in 3 DAYS TO KILL Read more


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