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Hans-Torsten Richter answers your questions about surviving and thriving in Berlin. Write to Read more


Looking for some bizarre fiction to fill your bookshelves? Head to a bookstore with no shelves, just boxes and some very odd genre sections – an apt space for hometown hero Peaches to launch her book "What Else is in the Teaches of Peaches" July 16. Read more

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Berlin Fashion Week (Jul 6-10) is upon us. As the fashionistas descend on the city, Dan Borden talks former mayor Klaus Wowereit’s attempts to give Berlin a fashion makeover. Read more


With CSD and KCSD coming up (Jun 27), glitter and gaiety will be out on the streets in full force, but Berlin has always been ahead of the queer curve. Here's a timeline of the LGBTQ rights movement in gay ol' Berlin. Read more


The big gay day in Berlin is coming. That's right, Christopher Street Day (CSD) and its alternative in Kreuzberg (KCSD) are happening Sat, Jun 27. But why limit all the fun to just one day? Here's a handy guide to queering out all year. Read more

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From a motley crew of newbies, the gay team Berlin Bruisers is evolving into a legitimate rugby force – tackling stereotypes along the way. The Bruisers show off more than just their athletic chops at the Violet Varieté at Monster Ronson's Jun 19. Read more

What's On

OUT NOW! With THE VOICES Marjane Satrap helms a horror story both funny and scary – however, the film lacks layers. Read more


The upcoming Gallery Weekend (May 1-3) will be a whirlwind of art must-sees. Start it off early with Israeli conceptual artist Amir Fattal's new exhibition "Mesopotopography" at AJL Gallery, opening Apr 30. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

INTERVIEW. Multi-talented multi-instrumentalist Özdemir is not only the owner of the 33RPM record store, but also the man behind new album "Jeff Özdemir and Friends", which he'll premiere at Roter Salon on Apr 30, with friends. Read more

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Officials might deny it, but homophobia in Berlin prisons is a real problem. Where can out inmates turn? Read more

Interviews & Portraits

Stefan Pucher's take on a Shakespeare classic makes the already surreal Twelfth Night even more absurd, with a modern vibe featuring video projections and strange machinery. See it this Sun, Apr 26 at the Deutsches Theater. Read more

Theatre & Dance

OUT NOW! Tim Burton's BIG EYES, a portrait of the shy artist Margaret Keane, is the director's quietest and most female-centred misfit yarn to date. Read more


Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge of obscure varietals or find the perfect complement to your dinner, here are three places where what’s in your glass is just as important as what’s on your plate. Read more

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Queens, screams and campy music! EXBlicks presents Rosa von Praunheim’s 1983 classic City Of Lost Souls. Join us for a screening of the film with English subs and an appearance by Von Praunheim himself on Apr 28, 8:30pm at Lichtblick Kino. Read more


An interview with original enfant terrible of Germany’s gay scene, filmmaker and activist Rosa von Praunheim: the outspoken director's upcoming retrospective at Lichtblick Kino kicks off with EXBlicks: City of Lost Souls on Apr 28. Read more

Interviews & Portraits

OUT NOW! Using documentary and drama HÄRTE puts focus to the vicious cycle of violence and the psychological effects of child abuse. Read more


OUT NOW! In TOP FIVE, Chris Rock is a wealthy movie comedian attempting to make it as a serious actor. Read more


OUT NOW! A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT is a drop-dead gorgeous story of a girl vampire. Read more


OUT NOW! The film STOCKHOLM is a small wonder film exploring the gender-game. Read more


OUT NOW! EX MACHINA is a thrilling piece of sci-fi portraying a suspenseful relationship between the nerd, the genius, and his beautiful man-made creature. Read more


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