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Hans-Torsten Richter answers your questions about surviving and thriving in Berlin. Write to with all your queries. Read more


In the 1920s, Lilli Henoch was Germany’s greatest multi-sport athlete. Martin-Heinz Ehlert has dedicated the past 25 years of his life to giving the young Jewish woman her rightful place in German sporting history. Read more

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Take a stroll around the Bayerisches Viertel in Schöneberg. Among its well-manicured facades, the street signs tell a different story. Using images and text, they form an informative and moving story of what happened from 1933 to 1945. Read more


It hasn't been all hattricks and trophies for TuS Makkabi, Berlin's only Jewish football club. Even today, anti-Semitism occasionally rears its ugly head both on and off the pitch, but the club has carried on, staying true to its origins. Read more


Ever wonder what it was like to be a Jew in East Germany? After fleeing Nazi Germany as a child, Salomea Genin returned to live in East Berlin, expecting a utopia free of anti-Semitism – an illusion that would soon shatter. Read more

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Today's the third day of Hanukkah! We asked three young artists what it's like to be an Israeli Jew in Berlin. (Short answer: complicated.) Read their stories here. Read more

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Hanukkah started yesterday, and we've got a series of Jewish-themed articles to mark the occasion! To begin, Berlin historian Herrmann Simon taped his mother's incredible true story of survival in WWII, now out in English as Underground in Berlin. Read more


Weekend read! Upon discovering that she has family buried right here in Berlin's Weißensee Cemetery, American Berliner Rebecca Jacobson set off on a genealogical hunt to connect with her Jewish past. Read more

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Haven't seen Slavs and Tatars' playful yet hyper-critical work yet? This month offers two chances, but one is only through Nov 14 at Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, so catch it now. Read our interview with one of the collective's anonymous members first. Read more

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OUT NOW! Based on Jian Rong's autobiographical novel, WOLF TOTEM is a well-worn environmental epic in which a young Beijing student working in Inner Mongolia becomes involved in the cause of the threatened local wolf population. Read more


OUT NOW! MARGUERITE is the worst opera singer in the world in this 1920s-set comedy, a fact that leads to plenty of (occasionally overwrought) laughs, but also some unexpectedly touching insights into loneliness and self-delusion. Read more


Can you safely walk through the streets of Neukölln wearing a kippa? How much anti-Semitic crime is there in Berlin? In our October issue, we tackled the debate over the "new" anti-Semitism and its effect on the Jewish and Muslim communities. Read more

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Our Jewish issue is still out on stands around the city for another 10 days. To whet your appetite, here's a roundup of Berlin's best kosher, Israeli and deli-style eats for when you're chalishing for a schtickel. Read more

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First controversial, now established: over the last 10 years the Pornfilmfestival has become a mainstay of Berlin. Check out our interview with its founder before you head on over to Moviemento to soak up some steam (and other fluids) from Oct 21-25. Read more

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In just 10 years, the Pornfilmfestival Berlin has gone from provocative upstart to established city tradition, penetrating sexuality from all angles. At Kino Moviemento from Oct 21-25, prepare to be amazed, amused and, of course, aroused. Read more


From Tresor to The Orb, Thomas Fehlmann has played a key role in Berlin's electronic music scene – but still champions the soul and human touch. In the wake of their new album, Fehlmann and Alex Paterson bring The Orb to Gretchen on Oct 18. Read more

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OUT NOW! THE TRIBE is a bold experiment, a film where the only 'dialogue' comes in the form of unsubtitled sign language. One critic gives the conceit two thumbs up, while the other is left gesticulating furiously... Read more

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OUT NOW! A mutually beneficial partnership between a crime boss and a crooked FBI agent is the subject of BLACK MASS. Slightly over-reliant on historical detail, the biopic is floated by an outstandingly vicious, nigh-unrecognizable Johnny Depp. Read more


OUT NOW! Jesse Eisenberg shines in his role as a stoner-turned-sleeper-agent in AMERICAN ULTRA, but there is little else to recommend in this faltering action-comedy. Read more


Berlin's first dedicated international comedy stage, Comedy Café Berlin, finally opens its doors on Sun, Oct 18. With the city's English comedy scene exploding, the ambitious venue hopes to centralize the scene with shows and comedy classes. Read more

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