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With 13,000 asylum seekers still living in emergency shelters in Berlin, refugee housing might not be a popular topic, but it’s a pressing issue. Read more


Some David vs. Goliath stories have happy endings. This isn’t one of them. For the past three months Neukölln’s remaining anarchists faced off against a Luxembourgian corporation evicting their community space. On Jun 29 that fight will be over. Read more

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Kreuzberg's Eiszeit celebrates a year since its rebirth with a week of special screenings Jun 15-22. Don't miss out! But Eiszeit isn't the only "new" Kino on the block. Check out our round-up for more boutique cinemas. Read more


After a lonely wait of 30 years, the oldest U-Bahn tunnel in Germany has reopened for public tours thanks to Berlin Unterwelten. To do it up festive, visit the tunnel for its 120th birthday on Jun 17 at the "Lange Nacht der Unterwelten". Read more

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The young, creatives that shaped Berlin are losing their studio spaces, victims of their own cool cachet. But the city just purchased the empty Haus der Statistik building to alleviate this problem. Can the city's artists push victory further? Read more

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OUT NOW! Sonia Kennebeck's disquieting documentary on the impacts of drone warfare NATIONAL BIRD fascinates as much as it disturbs. Read more


OUT NOW! Andres Veiel's BEUYS should be a portrait of controversial German artist Joseph Beuys that will please art fans and novices alike. Read more


OUT NOW! Bertrand Bonello's technically dazzling and unnervingly timely NOCTURAMA is a film that will strike some as a profound, others as aggravatingly ambiguous. Read more


INTERVIEW: Native Berliner Ersan Mondtag returns to Theatertreffen with the post-apocalyptic "Die Vernichtung" (The Extermination). Catch it May 20 and 21 (with English surtitles) at Haus der Berliner Festspiele. Read more

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Remember those colourful friendship bracelets you used to make as a kid? Dörte Bundt offers to expand on that childhood skill by teaching Berliners the groovy, decades-old art of macrame at California Dreaming. Next one is May 21 at Hallesches Haus. Read more

Insider Tips

We spoke with Michael LaFond, founder of Berlin's annual Experimentdays festival for innovative housing projects (May 11-14), for the low-down on nine developments on Berlin's urban landscape. Read more

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OUT NOW! Romuald Karmakar traces the story of five techno and house DJs in his contemplative and charming documentary DENK ICH AN DEUTSCHLAND IN DER NACHT. Read more


INTERVIEW! Romuald Karmakar returns to Clubland for his hypnotic new documentary "Denk ich an Deutschland in der Nacht". It opens in Berlin cinemas on May 11. Read more


Berlin's got sexy nightlife in spades, but the burlesque community’s a little scattershot. Primitiv is holding things down, though: with a biweekly Sunday Soiree (May 14, 7:30pm) and the more kitschier event series, Poetry Brothel. Read more

Theatre & Dance

OUT NOW! Spanish director J.A. Bayona's A MONSTER CALLS isn’t exactly a must-see, but it works as a potent weepie about grief, and features some enchanting animated sequences. Read more


Larger-than-life sets, nudity and chicken suits: Get ready for Theatertreffen, your annual cheat sheet to what’s hot in German theatre – May 6-21. Read more

Theatre & Dance

For a few days this month, my trusty city bike was in repair. More than a little bereft, I wondered if any of Berlin's new ride-sharing apps could help spice up my commute. Read more

Tech & Startups

The weather might not feel like it at the moment, but open-air cinema season is just around the corner! Here's what to expect at Berlin's Freiluftkinos in May. Read more



In 2015, the club and cultural complex Stattbad in Wedding was shut down by city officials, citing inadequate fire safety.

Berlin is struggling with a fullblown housing crisis: rents have doubled, pushing out low-income residents and artists to the city margins. The government is showing a will to tackle the situation. But is it too little, too late? Read more


INTERVIEW: Aykan Safoğlu and Emre Busse examine the Turkish-German connection through a LGBTQ lens in ğ – the soft g, on through May 29 at the Schwules Museum. Read more

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