issue 188

OUT NOW! A story of silver-spoon kids floating through life on the breath of their own self-importance, Woody Allen fashions his latest alter ego in precocious college student Timothy Chalamet. Read more


The first edition of Tehran Contemporary Sounds Festival kicking off Dec 6 through Dec 9 at Kunstraum Bethanien brings together an exciting line-up of the nation’s rising electronica stars. Don't miss our critic's top picks. Read more

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VERBATIM! Ahead of her show at Musik & Frieden on Dec 8, Kazakh-born Berlin-based rapper Antifuchs tells us why she always feels like an outsider and how she developed her strong middle-finger attitude. Read more

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Food special! From sustainable restaurants to local farms, from Japanese haute cuisine to 2019's big shifts on the delivery market: we survey the year's trends, check out museum cafés, meet foodie influencers and recommend tasty gifts. Out now! Read more


Our music critic's top picks of the month! Don't miss the gothic synth and forbod­ing lyricism of American duo Boy Harsher at Kesselhaus on Dec 2, anarcho-punk band Belgrado at Urban Spree on Dec 7, Detriti Mini Festival, and more! Read more

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