Issue 114

The perfect accompaniment to their weekly pub quiz night, East London's Beef and Ale Pie serves up the best of British gastronomic fare to Berlin's dinner table. Read more

Food & Drink

INTERVIEW. If anyone knows what it’s like to feel unwelcome, it’s Bosnian-born photographer Nihad Nino Pušija – he was merely ‘tolerated’ as a refugee. The German status of ‘Duldung’ is something that haunts not only him but many of his subjects. Read more

Interviews & Portraits

The situation of Roma in Germany – past and present. From Duldung to deportation, the number of Balkan refugee lives affected by Germany's policies grows by the day. Read more


In 2012, 12,000 Roma refugees were deported to the Kosovo slums, making the minority group's long-awaited Berlin Holocaust memorial little more than a token gesture. With International Romani Day on April 8, we present some of the deportees' stories. Read more

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This isn't the first time the (not so) Young British Artist and Turner Prize winner Douglas Gordon has played with knives: in 1993 he made 24-Hour Psycho. Now Sharpening Fantasy shows new visual-audio elements until April 28 at Blain|Southern. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

German teachers bring home comparatively more bacon than their EU counterparts, so why are those leading the capital’s classes biting back? They’re fed up with an unjust system of temp workers, long hours and the lowest pay in the country. Read more

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OUT NOW! MIDNIGHT'S CHILDREN takes on Salmon Rushdie's epic second novel to strange effect. Read more


Looking for righteous activities to devote your time to? We explored four opportunities in Berlin to exercise your inner do-gooder, from cuddling kitties to phoning up gran, and how to avoid volunteering scams. Read more

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INTERVIEW. Director Aliénor Dauchez faces the challenges of bringing Votre Faust to the stage and allows the audience to decide Faust's fate in an exciting piece of experimental musical theatre, presented at Radialsystem V starting March 30. Read more

Theatre & Dance

After snap decisions in England and France, same-sex marriage is now a reality in those countries. So what about Germany? And what about adoption for same-sex couples? Join us for a lively discussion this Wednesday, March 27, 8pm at Kaffee Burger. Read more

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The 48-hour parties synonymous with Berlin are one of the main lures of the capital for so-called Easyjetsetters. But now these party tourists are exporting the all-night (and day) rave culture to their hometowns across Europe. Read more

Concerts & Parties

OUT NOW! UN PLAN PARFAIT has Diane Kruger orchestrating the perfect plan to ensure her ideal life to lame effect. Read more


OUT NOW! Ulrich Seidl's funny second installment in his trilogy, PARADISE: FAITH, wields less power than it would have 20 years ago. Read more


OUT NOW! Harmony Korine's SPRING BREAKERS has Disney hotties gone wild with all the edge of his previous work. Read more

Film 1 Comments

OUT NOW! THE CROODS is more than just a Flintstones-rip with something for everybody. Read more


OUT NOW! KON-TIKI's exquisite cinematography tells the tale of Thor Heyerdahl's trans-Pacific journey amazingly well. Read more


Head chef of top-end Kreuzberg eaterie Sebastian Frank translates childhood memories of the Alps into a mouth-watering menu, which includes a succulent eel mousse and pine needle ice cream (though not together!). Read more

Food & Drink

Indulge your inner-lit/history buff with authentic cabaret-style flair in the Isherwood-monikered Sally Bowles, offering divine signature cocktails, weekend live music and "A Cabaret Story" that will make you swoon. Read more

Insider Tips

Joining the ranks of artists such as Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso, Ina Weber exhibits in Haus am Waldsee. Don't miss her excellent show, "hier" through Apr 1, where she explores urban landscapes with a personal and innovative approach. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

France and England have taken breakthrough steps to legalise gay marriage, but is Germany being left in the proverbial dust with its antiquated Lebenspartnerschaft? We get under what's going on. Read more


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