Issue 117

Is (more) change coming to Neukölln? District mayor Heinz Buschkowsky announced on Tuesday that he's ending his 13-year reign as of April. We profiled the controversial politician and author in our June 2013 "Movers and Shapers" issue. Read more

Interviews & Portraits 2 Comments

International Green Week (Jan 16-25) is in full swing in Öko-conscious Germany, particularly in Berlin. A Berliner who caters to the exploding vegan population, Jan Bredack is the founder of German supermarket chain Veganz. Read more

Interviews & Portraits

INTERVIEW. Artist and art-networker Thomas Eller, through his past positions at ArtNet, Temporary Kunsthalle and foremost as an artist, has collected lots of experience (not to mention contacts) from the Berlin art landscape. Read more

Art & Exhibitions 1 Comments

For a piece of the city that you can actually wear to work, Adrett (literally, “dapper”) is your store. Shopping this close to home comes with a price, of course but all the clothes here are timeless. Read more

Insider Tips

Possibly the greenest boutique in all of Mitte, The Upcycling Fashion Store is entirely made up of recycled materials, from the clothing racks to the sock dresses. Read more

Insider Tips

Burpees? Wall balls? WOD? With secret lingo, self-flagellating workouts and a die-hard customer base, CrossFit is damn near a religion. But if that's what it takes to get you in shape, CrossFit Werk has a cell here in Berlin. Read more

Insider Tips 2 Comments

OUT NOW! Though it's a fairly stock story, ENGLISH VINGLISH's charming entry-level Bollywood never stutters. Read more


Director Matthias von Hartz has big plans for his first Foreign Affairs festival, which will bring three weeks of international dance, music and art to venues all over the city. This fine affair starts on June 27 and runs through July 14. Read more

Theatre & Dance

Françoise Poilane discovers the best Berlin Flammkuchen in living memory! The tiny Schillerkiez restaurant Mama Kalo has many tasty treats but the thin-crust Alsatian-style pizza is to die for. Read more

Food & Drink

Since its inception in 1993, Atelierhaus Mengerzeile in Treptow has thrived outside of the Berlin studio programme, receiving citywide acclaim and welcoming artists from all over the world. Celebrate 20 years with them on Sat, Jun 29. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

OUT NOW! The soundtrack is the jewel in the crown of warm but by-the-numbers comedy-drama THE SAPPHIRES. Read more


OUT NOW! Clunky art heist comedy GAMBIT is anything but artful. Read more


OUT NOW! Limp and tedious naval-gazer CONFESSION OF A CHILD OF THE CENTURY is a lot more costume than drama. Read more

Film 1 Comments

Our Movers and Shapers issue is in newsstands now! Inside we profile 20 people who influence our lives, often in ways that go unseen: from club bookers to trend forecasters to the queen of trash (really!). Read on about Südblock's Richard Stein. Read more

Interviews & Portraits

INTERVIEW. One pea in the indie pop pod of Tegan and Sara talks about sisterhood, feminism and, of course, their foray into glossy synth pop with their latest album, Heartthrob. Wander amidst the whispering riot grrrls at Astra on Tue, June 18. Read more

Concerts & Parties

OUT NOW! Ambitious drama THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES has its flaws but makes for muscular, arresting viewing. Read more


OUT NOW! TANGO LIBRE's fleet-footed love quadrangle drama dances itself into a few corners, but rarely stumbles. Read more


OUT NOW! All of Saoirse Ronan's spirit can't fix THE HOST's lack of soul. Read more


OUT NOW! BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO's off-kilter tale of obsession in sound design is deliciously strange. Read more


OUT NOW! Berlin based eco-initiative FUCK FOR FOREST are the subject of a documentary that amounts to something less than the sum of its eclectic parts. Read more


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