Jacob Henze

OUT NOW! No plot, no score, no narrator and no CGI effects in LE QUATTRO VOLTE. Just nature at its barest! Read more


OUT NOW! Bored and priviledged New Yorkers bungle through their pathetic love polygon in SOMETHING BORROWED. Read more


OUT NOW! JOSCHKA UND HERR FISCHER is a fast-moving portrait of Fischer and 60 years of postwar Germany. Read more


Interview: Director Pepe Danquart. If you don't know who Joschka Fischer is, it's time you learned. Danquart's non-biopic biopic is a good start for the man with 60 years of history to tell. Read more


Forget the Multikulti credo preached by well-groomed cosmopolitan minds. From Russki disco to Senegalese dancehall to Prolet-paradise, we explored some of Berlin’s most monochromatic nightlife subcultures. Read more

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Despite Berlin's much-touted round-the-clock nightlife, all of the capital's Kneipen close at some point, right? Well, not quite. Four real 24-hour spots live up to the city's reputation. Read more

Interviews & Portraits

OUT NOW! Catch the Weimar classic METROPOLIS where it belongs – on the big screen. Read more

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OUT NOW! LIFE ABOVE ALL has a message of hope and doesn't reduce Africa to the standard desperate Hollywood backdrop. Read more


Built in 1898 and designed by architect Heino Schmieden, Beelitz was Kaiser Wilhelm II’s response to skyrocketing tuberculosis rates. Now it lays plagued by its haunted past. Read more


OUT NOW! The tender emotion in MOTHER AND CHILD feels kind of cheap. Read more


OUT NOW! DIE MONDVERSCHWÖRUNG uses a "clueless" American reporter to root out weirdness, to great effect. Read more


Interview: Bernd Harder. The Skeptiker spokesperson and conspiracy theory expert has published a range of books dealing with conspiracy theories and other parascientific topics. Read more

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On June 28, Kirstin Heisig, a notoriously tough magistrate at the juvenile court in crime-ridden Neukölln, went missing. The public prosecutor quickly announced that Heisig had committed suicide by hanging. But was it really? Read more

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Built by the Americans and now operating as a ‘black project’ under the codename ‘Teddybär’, a giant subterranean antenna sends out so-called ELF (extremely low frequency) waves via the radar tower beside the building complex. Really? Read more


OUT NOW! PAUL approaches the E.T. genre in a way that is at once vulgar, sarcastic and loving. Read more


On May 6, 1937, almost three days after the zeppelin's triumphal departure from Frankfurt while attempting to dock near New York City, the whole zeppelin caught fire within seconds and crash-landed, killing 36 people. Read more


Growing old can be a riot and Virgina Ironside is here to back that up with her cheeky yet comical approach to the wild perks of funerals, free drugs and no sex. Read more

Theatre & Dance

OUT NOW! THE MECHANIC is a stylish killing machine that can't really fix itself. Read more


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