Jacob Sweetman

The European football championships start this Fri, Jun 10 (through Jul 10). Jacob Sweetman tells us how to take them back from Berlin’s opportunistic politicians. Read more

In the 1920s, Lilli Henoch was Germany’s greatest multi-sport athlete. Martin-Heinz Ehlert has dedicated the past 25 years of his life to giving the young Jewish woman her rightful place in German sporting history. Read more

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East German-born Claudia Pechstein was a speed skating sensation – until doping accusations in 2009 caused her fall from grace. Fighting for years to prove her innocence, Pechstein is finally back in the skating game and stronger than ever. Read more

Interviews & Portraits

In our March issue, we take a closer look at Berlin's sports scene. Some of the coolest Berliners aren't found in the clubs or galleries but at the sports halls or on the fields, whether they're playing football or ice hockey or Quidditch. Read more


Here it is: a final self-indulgence as I put away my scrappy notebook and clear the GDR Sporting Lexicon from my desk, with enormous and unending thanks to the Exberliner and to you, the good people of this fucking great city. Read more


Next thursday FC Union will play a Berlin select XI to raise money for the family of Andreas Biermann, a brave man and a footballer, but also a Berliner. Read more


The DFB Pokal kicks off on Saturday evening, and with it comes that chance for an old dog to show its new face. Viktoria host Eintracht Frankfurt at the Jahn-Sportpark and the Sportsdesk is excited. Read more


Like the first swallows, the Exerpokal has heralded the high summer for over 50 years. The battle for the footballing supremacy of Pankow is a beautiful thing. The Sportsdesk rambles on about why. Read more


Despite everything, the Sportsdesk loved the World Cup, and Berlin, this ramshackle place where the world really comes together, has been the best place to enjoy it. Here's why. Read more

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The Sportsdesk bears witness to the joyous chaos of Germany's 7:1 win over Brazil. In the pubs and on the streets the people partied, but there is a note of caution. No one has won the World Cup quite yet. Read more


The World Cup may well be used by some as an excuse for nationalstic fervour, but in his open letter to Berlin the Sportsdesk feels that John Ricburg, on these very pages, has missed the point. It is inclusive, not divisive, and that is its beauty. Read more

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Another argument ensues as the Sportsdesk finds itself divided on the subject of the World Cup. Read more


On June 12, most of the world (except for the Amis) will be caught in football fever. From couches at Stadion an der Alten Försterei to matches at the Pregnant Oyster and beyond, here's a round-up of best places for the big games. Read more

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The World Cup is coming and with it comes the opportunities for Nike to sell their made up vision of the game on the walls of the city.. The Sportsdesk is not amused. Read more

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Football may be all but over for most, but in the Regionalliga Nord-Ost things are heading for a spectacular final Spieltag. And only one thing is certain: no matter how things turn out the fans will be sucked back in once again next year. Read more


The Bowie exhibition at Martin-Gropius-Bau opened on May 20! But are you already sick of all the Bowie hype (that we had a hand in as well)? One of our own was sick of it long ago. Jacob Sweetman won't have his disdain contained. Read more

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This week it will finally be announced that a fine striker and a good man will be leaving Hertha BSC after five years. He will take with him a sense of comfort in the familiar. The Sportsdesk rambles about Ramos. Read more

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The Sportsdesk is contrary, therefore is happy to revel in the sheer outrageous beauty of watching FC Bayern Munich this year. Its cat, however, is torn. Life, like football, can be complicated sometimes. Read more

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Katarina Witt

Photo courtesy of the Bundesarchiv

Berlin's darkened and smoky corners are most alive when the city's sports fans mutter and grumble their way expertly through the days and nights. Even if the sport is figure skating. The Sportsdesk has the scandal. Read more

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As the world's eyes focus onto the Winter Olympics, two of Berlin's most famous women will be appearing more and more. The Sportsdesk salutes them both whilst sitting, weaselly, on the fence. Read more

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