Janine Heim

OUT NOW! Low on budget but high in quality, the documentary SONITA follows an Afghan girl who dreams about being a successful rapper. Read more


Can you cover your head, stay home with the kids, sell your body to men... and still proudly champion women’s rights? These three Berliners can and do. Read more

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Photo by Maria Runarsdottir

It may not be a feast for the eyes, but the nooks and crannies of the Neues Kreuzberger Zentrum complex pack in more authentic budget deliciousness per square metre than nearly anywhere else in Berlin. Here are our favourites. Read more

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rock ge-man-01.png

Illustration by Agate Sasiuk

Our guide to four parallel universes around Berlin's most loved/hated square. Read more

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Move over, burgers and kebabs: here comes steak and Käsespätzle! Four new French and southern German openings in Reuterkiez prove that gentrification can be pretty darn delicious. Read more

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