Teenage school years can be a bumpy ride. Add the feeling of growing up in a body at odds with your own gender, a dose of structural transphobia and, of course, peer pressure, and you're in for quite a rollercoaster... Read more


Vexing and perplexing news stories from Berlin and beyond... Read more


Sure, having a kid still takes an egg and some sperm, but while scientists work on overturning that truism, single women and lesbians have a variety of options to get knocked up without the hook-up. A new German law has made it easier than ever. Read more

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If a Canadian-born New-Yorker hadn’t opened Wunderhaus in November 2017, Prenzlauer Berg might just have birthed it by itself. Here's the new spot for mommies (and sometimes daddies) with money. Read more

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John is thinking about death, and also kids. And hoping the "sharing economy" will come through for him. Read more


Happy Mother's Day! In honor of Muttis here in Berlin, we take a look at the creative, multilingual offspring of the Prenzlauer Berg baby boom. Read more

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Where do international parents send their kids to for both their own breather and their kids benefit? D.A.S. Akademie offers a two-week break from your brats while they get beefed-up German skills and a trendy set of new international friends. Read more

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Where did all that gritty charm go? It seems as though the smell of moustache wax and fag smoke is being overwhelmed by baby sick and school dinners as the city's onetime underbelly gets a dose of the G-word. Read more


Jacinta asks why Berlin's buskers so bad. She doesn't know, but she has a solution. Read more

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Jacinta Nandi isn't sure whether German schools are systematically racist or not, but she sure knows what can be done to improve things – just a little bit Read more

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German people only give a shit about freedom when it suits them, says Jacinta Nandi Read more

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OUT NOW! Careful! Your kids will leave DESPICABLE ME 2 wanting their own minion. Read more


Berlin's new generation of fathers is shunning traditional gender-role stereotypes to spend more time with their kids – but German legislation isn't backing them up. Read more

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What should you do with racist terms in kids' books? Should you cut them out or leave them in? Jacinta Nandi's son knows what he thinks. Read more

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Kids are innately racist and Jacinta Nandi's son is no exception. But she thinks they're making progress. Read more

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OUT NOW! The GERMAN MAN SPECIAL! We talk fisting, foreskins and females with the experts! Read all about MR. GERMANY, BOY'S CLUBS, NEW BERLIN DADS and much, much more! Read more


Jacinta and Co. delve into the mechanics of language. She and her son are part-inventor, part-bard. Read more


OUT NOW! The OLD AGE SPECIAL! State-pensions are drying up, how will your RETIREMENT FUND fare? Germany's #1 PLAYBOY ROLF EDEN talks sex in old age! Five Berlin-based projects MAKE OLD BETTER from an ALZHEIMERS DANCE to AGING PETS! More inside... Read more


Jacinta Nandi's son can use adverbs now and everything! Read more


Jacinta Nandi's son believes in evolution. Read more


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