Klaus Wowereit

It was an artists’ utopia, a cultural institution, a tourist magnet: after over two decades on Oranienburger Straße, Tacheles was shut down, the artists kicked out. Five and a half years on, Taylor Lindsay finds out what happened next. Read more

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Last week, no one noticed that Berlin got a new mayor. And they were right to pay no attention, because Michael Müller is just a slightly paler version of Klaus Wowereit. Read more

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Seymour Gris gives a touching send-off for our soon-to-be departed mayor, Klaus Wowereit. Take a stroll down memory lane with Gris as he shows us the wonders that Wowi gave us during his 13-year tenure as mayor. Read more

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Konrad offers a metaphorical update of the BER airport scandal. Bear with him. Read more

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After the attempted removal of part of the Berlin Wall's famed East Side Gallery, our hero, Klaus Wowereit, has stepped in to save the day. Right? But does he even get the point in the first place? Read more

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Berlin's mayor, Klaus Wowereit, announces a pop-up airport in time for Fashion Week. And it looks like it may have all the perfect ingredients. Read more



Photo by Heather Cowper (heatheronhertravels; Flickr CC)

There's only one conclusion to be drawn from Berlin's latest airport farce – the city has a mental block about this whole thing. Read more

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Club Mate Bubble Tea

Club Mate photo by Daniel Sturm (Wikimedia Commons)/Bubble tea photo by Infrogmation (Wikimedia Commons)

Euro-crisis? Whatever. Berlin, the Greece of Germany, has always muddled through one crisis after another. Here are Seymour's carefully considered socio-cultural-political predictions for the year. Read more

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Neukölln Weserstr.

Photo by Sigrid Malmgren

Before we dive into 2012, here are a few stats to help you understand THIS tired old year. Read more


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