Following in his family's religious lineage, pastor at Spandau's Ju Chan Yang Presbyterian, Hyun-Geun Moon, puts his own spin on the job. The former musician tells us how he blends the traditional with untraditional - and why he wants to go clubbing! Read more

Interviews & Portraits

Conceptual artist Chan-Sook Choi is on a mission to connect the city’s Asian art scene. As the brain behind pan-Asian and intercontinental artists' platform NON Berlin, which hosts a handful of exhibitions yearly, we find out what drives her. Read more

Interviews & Portraits

Berliner solo cellist Isang Enders unwittingly followed the stereotypical, Asian-genius classical career path with raging success. Read more

Interviews & Portraits

We meet Korean Berliners and find out why they came to the Hauptstadt. From Gastarbeiter nurses to today's young families, students and entrepreneurs, each generation had their own reasons, but they're all here to stay. Read more


REVIEW! We think we found Berlin's best cabbage kimchi! Former classical singer turned restauranteur, Jinok Kim, has a penchant for experimentation not just in NaNum's menu but right down to her self-styled dishware, and it really works. Read more

Food & Drink


Krueger Bundesarchiv

We investigate how the pre-Wall GDR provided a ticket out of North Korea and, ironically, how today's Germany has helped a South Korean filmmaker get into the closed-off country. Read more


JazzKorea takes over stages across Berlin kicking off Nov 14 through Nov 17 with an eclectic mix of nascent South Korean musicians. The line-up showcases a breadth of styles and aims to open listeners to different forms. Here's our top picks. Read more

Concerts & Parties

The industrious Korean-German entrepreneur behind restaurant and now brand 'Kimchi Princess' tells us how she donned a tiara and brought Korean home-style cooking to the Berlin trendset. Read more

Interviews & Portraits

With the Korea Independent Film Festival kicking off at Babylon Mitte on Oct 31 through Nov 5, we find out films are just one part of K-culture that's crashing Berlin. We've scouted out the best places to source Korean food, fashion, beauty and more! Read more

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A taste of Korea? From signature dumplings to the spiciest soondubu (not for the faint-hearted!), authentic Korean BBQ, and even kimchi burgers! We've rounded up the 13 best foodie gems to eat Korean out in Berlin. Read more

, Food & Drink

Embodying the Korean motto passed down by his parents, hard work pays off, lawyer and soon to be first Korean-German notary Dr. Chung-Hun aka Chuna Kim is balancing his bicultural values with the new life outlook he acquired in Berlin. Read more

Interviews & Portraits

Known among her golf mates as 'Lady Han', the mother-of-two left Seoul in an ocean of tears in 1970 to work as a nurse in Berlin's understaffed hospitals. Now retired, Han tells us her surprising Berlin life story and why she's here to stay. Read more

, Interviews & Portraits

OUT NOW! Unmissable, Bong Joon-ho’s uncompromising and borderline unclassifiable masterwork became the first Korean film to win Cannes’ Palme d’Or. Read more


Hot off the stage from her “Say my name, say my name” premiere at the Sophiensaele last month, politically involved choreographer Olivia Hyunsin Kim talks her personal struggle of having a hyphenated identity and being reduced to her Korean half. Read more

Interviews & Portraits

Kicking off on Oct 15 through Oct 31, Exberliner and Lichtblick Kino are celebrating the Korean wave with a fortnight of Hallyuwood's best new cinema. Opening with Park Chan-wook’s "The Handmaiden", come early for Korean tapas from Yam Yam Berlin! Read more


Noël was a typical teen with a secret: a Kpop obsession. Now the subculture has exploded into the Berlin mainstream, with Kpop merch in every high school, fan fundraisers to promote concerts, even dance academies. We get schooled in the Kpop craze. Read more


From Gastarbeiter to expats, from Kbeauty to Kpop: Welcome to Berlin's Korea town! Meet the Haupstadt's Korean nurses and notaries, the jet setting creatives and kimchi royalty, find out where to get your Korean food, film, fashion and more. Out now! Read more


INTERVIEW! This Saturday, August 17, EXBlicks teams up with Asia Film Berlin to present three shorts from filmmaker Cha Ji Ryang at 8:00pm at Lichtblick Kino. Read more


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