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INTERVIEW! Online digital culture mag Berliner Gazette is tackling questions of AI at its annual conference, this year called "Ambient Revolts" (Nov 8-10 at ZK/U). We talked to editor-in-chief Magdalena Taube ahead of the conference. Read more

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Federico Varese is professor of criminology at Oxford, a mafia expert and the author of "Mafia Life". His book chronicles the ins-and-outs of organized crime. Read more

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Nigerian author and video artist Akwaeke Emezi brought her debut autobiography Freshwater (2018) to the International Literature Festival this year. We chatted about her widely celebrated book, which analyzes the experience of having a fractured self Read more

What's On

Burmese-American author Charmaine Craig first came to prominence with her US bestseller The Good Men, published in 2002 and translated into six languages. It would be 15 years before she resurfaced with her second novel Miss Burma. Read more

What's On

Ahead of his reading on the September 6 at the International Literature Festival Berlin (and as a taste of our upcoming coverage – stay tuned), Self talks LSD, the eeriness of Grindr and the psychotic nature of Berlin’s urban spaces. ILB: Sep 5-15. Read more

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