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Cookies shuts its doors for the final time after July 19, but that's just the tip of the iceberg of Mitte's moribund nightlife scene. Is the party over for the formerly happening district and what does it spell for the rest of Berlin? Read more

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Russia's infamous "anti-gay propaganda law" has inspired activism around the globe, from large demos to Barbie Breakout's YouTube protest. But what about gay Russians themselves? And how well is Germany extending its hand? Read more


Is Bushido all Berlin has to offer by way of hip hop? Hell no. The rightwinger's got competition from a new generation of conscious rappers with a political outlook on the city's problems – like Chefket, whose "Identitäter" video dropped last week. Read more

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With the summer season at its peak, there are legions of tourists on the lookout for a comfy and "authentic" short-term stay. But are vacation sublets making Berlin's property future even bleaker, and will holiday apartment bans change anything? Read more

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When it comes to unconventional museums, Berlin is at the forefront. One of the city's newest exciting additions is Generation 13, exhibiting artefacts-from video games to sneakers-of urban youth culture from the 1960s-1980s, or the 13th generation. Read more

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A tried-and-true Berliner jubilee, the ninth Achtung Berlin Festival at Babylon keeps it local by presenting 80 films all made in Berlin-Brandenburg. Three new awards will be given for categories best feature, documentary, and short. Apr 17-24. Read more


Armchair activists can join the battle for the city’s future as Exberliner presents Save Berlin EXBlicks. Delve deeper into the topics concerning the city's future on Mon, Apr 29, 8pm at Lichtblick Kino with a collection of shorts. Q&A to follow. Read more


Both Trust and Flamingo have bitten the dust as of recently, and after very short runs. But Trust has returned in new digs and Flamingo is suddenly Party Obsessed People... will round two see more stamina? Read more

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Looking for righteous activities to devote your time to? We explored four opportunities in Berlin to exercise your inner do-gooder, from cuddling kitties to phoning up gran, and how to avoid volunteering scams. Read more

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The 48-hour parties synonymous with Berlin are one of the main lures of the capital for so-called Easyjetsetters. But now these party tourists are exporting the all-night (and day) rave culture to their hometowns across Europe. Read more

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OUT NOW! KON-TIKI's exquisite cinematography tells the tale of Thor Heyerdahl's trans-Pacific journey amazingly well. Read more


Knut's death in 2011 affected almost everyone in Berlin in one way or another. And if you're still looking for closure, your last chance is coming up. The Natural History Museum boxes up his taxidermied fur on Fri, Mar 15. Read more

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Best-selling author James Patterson sets his latest crime novel in Berlin and steeps it in its history, providing the guilty pleasure reading about the Hauptstadt that you've been craving. Read more

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