You’d expect a magic museum to go one of two ways: kiddie cute or witch-hunt grim. The MAGICUM Museum does neither, but it's not just for children either. Those looking for an entertaining outing with your kooky aunt may have it just right here. Read more

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The occult is back! Exberliner tracked down the Berliners behind the trend: from a DIY tarot reader to a real-life ghostbuster, from techie astrologers to an old-school fortuneteller and our devilish cover boy. Out now! Read more

Are you ready for our "Creepy, Culty Berlin" issue just about to hit newsstands? Just to whet your esoteric appetite a bit more, we found one writer who's fashioning her own magic... Read more


Need a little magic in your life or just a new conversation starter up your sleeve? Consider learning the art of wizardry at Fabian Weiss’ newly opened WunderAkademie – he promises you won’t even need sleeves to make those coins disappear. Read more

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  • Berlin Magic Museum

    Ciro Marchetti

    Berlin Magic Museum

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