Mark Haselden

OUT NOW! An attention-grabbingly enjoyable watch that will keep you guessing until its brilliant end, or an all too familiar journey that never really gets going. Read more

, Film

OUT NOW! Joseph Gordon-Levitt gives a great performance as a co-pilot whose plane is hijacked on a flight from Berlin to Paris, but unfortunately the film falls short on landing. Read more


OUT NOW! The concept of aging superheroes may be a refreshing one, but that's where the positives about this predictable and obnoxious film end. Read more


OUT NOW! The adaptation of the true story of Henry Ford II’s desire to re-vamp the Ford brand, while simultaneously drubbing Ferrari in the infamous Le Mans race. Read more


OUT NOW! A Leonard Cohen documentary that would prove an interesting piece for any fan, but don't expect more than a surface-depth biographical picture. Read more


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