Not too clear on the difference between “music theatre”, “musical theatre” and “opera”? Maybe the upcoming BAM! Festival (Sep 20-23 at various venues) for Berlin’s independent music theatre scene can help you out. Read more

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The Berlinale Blog: No prose, no problem...

The Berlinale poses a dilemma about the necessity of criticism and offers the best thing Spike Lee has done in years... Welcome to day six's reviews of Starve Your Dog and Chi-Raq. Read more

Feb 16, 2016 5:00 PM The Berlinale Blog

OUT NOW! Streep steals the show in INTO THE WOODS, Disney's ambitious adaptation of Steven Sondheim's fairytale musical. Read more


Get your fix of Hollywood musicals at Arsenal (Dec 12-30) as the two-week All Singing, All Dancing extravaganza takes you on a journey through the golden years of 1933-1957. Cue the swaying singalong! Read more


Made famous by the 1973 cult French film and later award-winning Broadway musical, queer classic "La Cage aux Folles" hits the stage in a new German-language adaptation at Bar Jeder Vernunft, through May 31. Read more

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