Nele Obermueller

Before taking over as the Maxim Gorki Theater's artistic director, the first-generation Turkish Berliner made a name for herself as the poster child of Berlin's multi-ethnic theatre scene. Read more

Theatre & Dance

With rain back on the horizon, the wet stuff might be on your mind. Can you trust your taps? Between hormones in the mains, "blood" in the Spree and lead in the pipes themselves, do any of Berlin's recent health scares really hold water? Read more

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Once upon a time, Berlin was the city of beautiful bargain apartments. Now, newcomers and longtime tenants alike need to know their rights to avoid rising rents and scare tactics by landlords and housing companies trying to cash in. Read more

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France and England have taken breakthrough steps to legalise gay marriage, but is Germany being left in the proverbial dust with its antiquated Lebenspartnerschaft? We get under what's going on. Read more


Weström reached her 100th year last October as a pioneering and unusual architect. She died on Feb 10, but her efforts to aid in the reconstruction of social housing in Berlin after the war will be remembered by Berliners as well as us. Read more

Interviews & Portraits

Berlin's new generation of fathers is shunning traditional gender-role stereotypes to spend more time with their kids – but German legislation isn't backing them up. Read more

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Einstein predicted that if bees became extinct humans would follow four years later. Clue yourself up about Germany's bees with these key facts. Read more


If honeybees survive this winter's fluctuating temperatures, there's still going to be plenty more perils for them to weather. Exberliner investigates. Read more


Before dogs (plus a load of cats and a 51-year-old Yellow-headed Amazon parrot named Randi) go to heaven, they spend their twilight years at Dirk Bufé's pet retirement shelter. Meet the mastermind of this menagerie for geriatric and unwanted animals. Read more

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While you sit around drinking Sternis in Görlitzer Park on these warm summer evenings, some people could actually be there to work. Exberliner investigates the lived realities behind poor-but-not-sexy, which are closer to yours than you think. Read more

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The story of a 12-year-old trans girl who might be locked up has reignited the topic of trans pathologization, a problem for many trans people in Berlin. Read more

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BLACK FACE? IN GERMANY? The country is becoming more multi-ethnic, but German theatre seems stuck in its all white past. In the wake of Berlin’s shocking ‘blackfacing’ scandal, is it time to address racism on stage? Read more

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While milk banks abounded in the GDR, they're now almost a thing of the past. But recent research on babies' nutritonal needs and a rise in premature births could ensure the survival of the milk bank. Read more


It may be harder than it used be for our indie cinema paradises, but recent developments have injected some hope into the local scene. Read more

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As the mantra of ethical vegetarianism spreads in the wake of Jonathan Safran Foer's bestseller Eating Animals, what's a Fleisch-lover to do? But is eating meat, when done right, really that bad? Read more

Food & Drink

Elderly men being serviced by prostitutes is a reality that is kept discreet inside the walls of retirement homes. Nele Obermüller dug deep to explore this taboo within a taboo. Read more

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