New Year's Eve

RANT! Don't tell me it's fine for kids to hurl fireworks at each other, and me! You think i'm passing my fear to my son? Good, I want to give him the gift of life! Jacinta on Berlin's New Year's Eve war zone. Read more

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Late planning your New Year's Eve? Well, if you were thinking of staying in, these four parties might inspire you to brave a club or two. Here's our music critic's top four best-bet parties to ring in 2020. Read more

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Food special! From sustainable restaurants to local farms, from Japanese haute cuisine to 2019's big shifts on the delivery market: we survey the year's trends, check out museum cafés, meet foodie influencers and recommend tasty gifts. Out now! Read more


In the German papers this week: KitKat loses its lease, proposals to increase the public broadcasting fee, fireworks ban at New Year's, tractor protest, Berlin ranked most dynamic German city, and more! Read more

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Are you brave enough to go out on a Berlin New Year’s Eve? These parties are worth facing the hail of firecrackers and should have you dancing till it’s 2019. Read more

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It would be nice this year if like 10 percent of the news didn't make everything easier for the far-right. Read more


Put on your battle armour and hit the town: it’s New Year’s Eve in Berlin. Read more

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Rejoice, 2016 is almost over! Here are your options for taking shelter from the street carnage. Exberliner presents you with its guide of where to go for Silverster. Have a happy New Year! Read more

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Party-hungry Berlin is gearing up for another deafening Silvester, and either through fireworks or the plethora of parties, you're gonna get it. We can't account for the explosions, but we can help you decide where you can bang. Happy New Year's! Read more

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Whether Silvester is an occasion to pat yourself on the back for 2014's accomplishments or to drink away the lack thereof, a glass of sekt will undoubtedly be in hand at midnight... but where? Here are our fave spots where Berlin beats ring in 2015. Read more

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Having yourself a New Year's Eve dilemma? Fear not. Here's our lyrical offering of Silvester picks to bang a gong for 2013 in or out of style. Read more

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