Want to learn about a side of refugee life in Berlin overshadowed by the current crisis? Take the ultimate alternative tour: a refugee-led journey from Oranienplatz to Ohlauer Straße. We've got the insider's scoop on Refugee Voices right here. Read more

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The welfare of animals: a concern of communists (aside from the ones in Orwell's parable)? Most likely not. Gris says you have to be more than a one-issue progressive for things to get better – and communism isn't offering that kind of diversity. Read more

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Seven months after Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg mayor Monika Herrmann announced her intention to get the refugees on Oranienplatz out of the camp and into a new home, the square was finally evacuated on Tuesday, April 8. Read more

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With temperatures dropping and a new winter residence found in Friedrichshain, the status of the Oranienplatz protest camp in Kreuzberg remains uncertain. We asked one Lampedusa refugee living at the camp to tell us his story. Read more

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