Otto Kraushaar

INSIDER TIP! Bored of smashing baddies on your console? Drop your joystick for a full-body gaming experi­ence at VR Nation. The VR tech is backed up by wind and heat-generators, scent diffusers and sensor-laden objects for complete escapism! Read more

Insider Tips

REVIEW! On now through Jan 11 at Mitte's Diskurs Berlin, the thought-provoking seven-artist exhibition "Show Me Your Selfie" invites reflections on the collected absurdities we present to the world under the title of Self. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

Nevermind the alcohol, wine is full of nasty chemicals! We investigate what's really lurking in your glass of red and get the low-down from experts about which wines are the best for us öko-conscious Berliners. Read more


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