VERBATIM! Ahead of their much-anticipated party at Griessmühle on Oct 10, we spoke to WAYS residents and afterparty stalwarts Enchanted Rhythms, Elissa Suckdog, and Dan Beaven about their vibe and get a sneak peek inside their record bag (playlist!). Read more

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In the German papers this week: Building around Tempelhof, Berlin tries to curb diesel, party tourists live up to the term and more... Read more

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No Shit! Exberliner turns 17! Celebrate with Exberliner on June 7 at ACUD Macht Neu! Read more

In the German papers this week: Vexing and perplexing news stories from Berlin and beyond... Read more

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The Easter Berlin fetish weekend kicks off on an unexpectedly highbrow note this evening at Ficken 3000, with a special screening of Jonesy and Jaime C Knight’s documentary The Figa, followed by a party that promises to bring the hedonism as well. Read more


Are you brave enough to go out on a Berlin New Year’s Eve? These parties are worth facing the hail of firecrackers and should have you dancing till it’s 2019. Read more

Concerts & Parties

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