Two years after the height of the Pegida movement, who’s still demonstrating against the “Islamisation of Europe”? Ben Knight sets off to find out. Read more

Go ahead and ban burqas, but then can we get on to an issue that affects our lives? Read more

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Taking the piss out of the Pegida idiots and saying you'd love to have Jerome Boateng living next door is all very good, but Merkel's integration law shows that the racists are still winning. Read more


It's obviously not ideal putting refugees in what used to be part of a concentration camp. But that isn't the real problem. Read more

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Get to discover the print version of Exberliner through two of our most popular issues of last year – cover to cover – and totally free: no sign-ups, no strings attached. Enjoy and spread the word – through Jan 24. Read more


We all know about Monday night's "Bärgida" demonstration. But what was it like to actually be on the front lines, undercover among the anti-Islamic protesters... as a black Frenchman? Read more


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