With the city’s canine population on the rise, what is being done to dispose of
 the tons of turds they are leaving behind? Not enough according to anti-dog-poop activists. Read more

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Can't go anywhere without your mutt? Walk your dog to Kupferstichkabinett’s summer exhibition Wir kommen auf den Hund!, showcasing man's relationship with the most amiable of quadrupeds over the last 10 centuries. Furry friends can go through Sep 17. Read more

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The Sportsdesk is contrary, therefore is happy to revel in the sheer outrageous beauty of watching FC Bayern Munich this year. Its cat, however, is torn. Life, like football, can be complicated sometimes. Read more

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A new deli in Grunewald offers all kinds of gourmet, organic delights... for dogs?! Some bleeding-heart types complain it's over the top, but since Berliners spoil their pets anyway, why should food be any different? Read more

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A purr can be heard from the heart of Neukölln courtesy of PeePee's Katzencafé, an idea based on the petting farms of East Asia. While only ruled by two ferociously cute housecats, fans of cat-kitsch should go there right meow. Read more

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Before dogs (plus a load of cats and a 51-year-old Yellow-headed Amazon parrot named Randi) go to heaven, they spend their twilight years at Dirk Bufé's pet retirement shelter. Meet the mastermind of this menagerie for geriatric and unwanted animals. Read more

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