Phoebe Cooke

MADE IN BERLIN: Consciously or not, London-born carpenter Michael Ferguson is an eco-pioneer. Using raw materials from rubbish skips and renovated houses, he creates utterly unique pieces of furniture. Read more


OUR PICK: The Ismaili Muslims' spiritual leader is displaying 200 pieces from his private collection - one of the world's oldest and most valuable collections of Islamic art - for the first time ever. Read more


“A Panoptikum,” Vlad Korneev says with earnest confidentiality, is “a collection of extraordinary or rare objects.” He couldn't have found a better name for his time warp of a shop... Read more

From classically trained musician to Javanese pop sensation to performance artist, Joanna Dudley's interests stretch far and wide. This week, she brings her new show, Louis & Bebe, to Plan C festival. Read more

Theatre & Dance

As it tracks the daily lives of three talented Lebanese teenagers, Dietmar Ratsch and Agostino Imondi's documentary takes Berliners into the streets of one of the city’s most notorious districts. Read more

Film 1 Comments

On paper, the Akkouchs are a typical Neukölln family, struggling financially and under constant pressure to retain an Aufenthaltserlaubnis - but the triumphs and tribulations of their teenagers challenge immigrant clichés. Read more


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