RANT! I thought Germans were supposed to be good at systems! But what is the logic with Berlin house numbers? Are they deliberately trying to confuse us? Jacinta on finding Berlin addresses. Read more


RANT! You know Germans think English speakers are rude too, like greetings, if you don't bark out "Guten Tag!” to random people you're never actually going to have a conversation with, that's the rudest! Jacinta on Grüßen. Read more

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RANT! Since when is it acceptable to take photos on your smartphone during a performance? Do these people really want to document the performance (poorly!), or just that they were there? Our stage editor on snap-happy theatregoers. Read more

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RANT! Germans, they're great at planning. Maybe the best nationality for planning. But they're flaky too! Always the same excuse! Jacinta on the German need to "inhalieren". Read more


RANT! Don't tell me it's fine for kids to hurl fireworks at each other, and me! You think i'm passing my fear to my son? Good, I want to give him the gift of life! Jacinta on Berlin's New Year's Eve war zone. Read more

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It's a new decade - and time to deal with old guilt! Can we offset our air miles? Make our everyday more sustainable? We chart the route to redemption. Also: Berliners confess, mum shaming gone crazy and colonial guilt going unacknowledged. Out now! Read more


RANT! Those alone in Berlin this Christmas, fear not! Jacinta Nandi has some fun ideas on how you can celebrate in your home away from home! Read more


RANT! New Year's resolution 2020? Learn German! And actually, you don't need to go back to school! Jacinta Nandi's top 10 tips for learning German for free! Read more

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RANT! I love Greta Thunberg, but seriously, she ruined Christmas! Gifts have to be ethical, sustainable... thoughtful! And affordable! Jacinta Nandi on Christmas shopping. Read more


RANT! Why is the headscarf oppressive and not high heels? And the only way to end this perceived oppression is to ban them from teaching?! Jacinta Nandi on German feminists' attitude to headscarves. Read more

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RANT! Why is "good night" only interpreted as I slept with you! And "schönes Wochenende" on Thursday morning? I'm so confused. Jacinta Nandi's timely mistakes. Read more


RANT! How hard is it to get a guy to invite you to a drink in this city? Do Berlin men really think it's sexist if they don't split the bill 50/50? Mighty convenient! Jacinta Nandi on stingy Berliners. Read more

Opinion 10 Comments

RANT! Exotic house plants, really that's the new craze? What happened to drugs and currywurst? Jacinta Nandi on Berliners' posh new hobby. Read more


RANT! Is there a workshop for everything now? And kids, seriously, teenagers want to spend their time attending them - voluntarily?! Jacinta Nandi on weirdly conscientious Berliner teens. Read more

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RANT! Entschuldigung, it's a word, use it! And stop tutting at supermarket check-outs while you're at it! Jacinta Nandi on bitchy Berliners. Read more

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RANT! How is it that adult Berliners, grown adults, are reduced to cooing messes around dogs? Even those small ugly rat-like ones! Jacinta Nandi on her pet peeve. Read more

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RANT! I've lived here 19 years, and I'm still not a Berliner! Jacinta Nandi on intolerant native Berliners. Read more

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RANT! You’ve been living in Berlin for how long? And still can’t order yourself a fucking Orangensaft! Jacinta Nandi on arrogant English speakers. Read more

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Berlin is scooting towards the e-revolution – or is it? EXB investigates how the "Verkehrswende" is coming along. Also in this issue: e-scooters tested, the local skating scene revisited and September's book, film and art fests previewed! Out now! Read more

MyFest of May Day: Going to Kreuzberg this May 1? Put down that Sterni! John Riceburg bemoans the orgy of drinking and dancing Kotti’s once-riotous first of May has become. Read more


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