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With social media increasingly the go-to source for restaurant tips, we meet the biggest names and some fresh-faced upstarts in Berlin’s food influencer scene to find out how they do it and what drives them. Read more

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Need some Christmas gift inspiration? We've found seven of the best Berlin-made treats sure to impress every taste. Read more

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We meet Korean Berliners and find out why they came to the Hauptstadt. From Gastarbeiter nurses to today's young families, students and entrepreneurs, each generation had their own reasons, but they're all here to stay. Read more


INTERVIEW! Ahead of his two new Koenig Galerie shows opening Nov 9 and 10, we met the painter and epitome of a Berlin artist at his studio to chat politics, partying and painting away his GDR childhood nightmares. Read more

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Embodying the Korean motto passed down by his parents, hard work pays off, lawyer and soon to be first Korean-German notary Dr. Chung-Hun aka Chuna Kim is balancing his bicultural values with the new life outlook he acquired in Berlin. Read more

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From dirty punk rock DIY transition skaters to clean hip-hop ledge wizards - forget LA, skateboarders from all over the world are moving to Berlin. We talk to skating veterans and look back on four decades of Berlin's vibrant skateboarding scene. Read more

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Enjoyed by many, despised by more and vilified by local media, e-scooters were the topic that dominated politics, news and Späti discussions this summer. Now with thousands of e-scooters on Berlin streets, here's how it all began. Read more

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The e-scooter revolution has landed in Berlin. With Lime clocking up 1M rides in just 11 weeks, Circ extending its reach and Voi set to unveil a second model, we decided to put Berlin's e-scooter brands to the test. Read more

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Looking for a more tranquil setting to enjoy the last days of summer? The director of the Berlinische Galerie Thomas Köhler lets us in on his favourite Berlin summer hangouts. Read more

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There’s more to Berlin summer fun than the lakes – one of our insiders shares her favourite locations for a perfect holiday away from the tourist traps and wet crowds! Read more

Interviews & Portraits

INTERVIEW! With a freshly released EP, Magic Island is floating between DIY dreamworld and pop perdition. You can hear "Warm Heaven" at Pop-Kultur (Aug 21-23) at Kulturbrauerei in a state-commissioned performance installation. Read more

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As Berliners still await the great white “Unity Seesaw”, it’s time to rediscover public artworks that celebrate German reunification. Read more

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For those street-savvy perusers looking for a good find – in June another flea market hit Neukölln! Unlike its overcrowded competitors, NK Flohmarkt at Kranoldplatz gives you enough room to browse at leisure every other Sunday this summer. Read more

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Since plastic straws are on their way out, three Berlin start-ups have got you covered with eco-friendly alternatives for your sustainable sucking. Read more

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Berlin journalist and author Florian Werner dedicated a whole book to the cultural history of faeces. We sat down to discuss his exploration of the “dark matter”. Read more

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With the city’s canine population on the rise, what is being done to dispose of
 the tons of turds they are leaving behind? Not enough according to anti-dog-poop activists. Read more

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Sometimes life is shit. Why not admit it and, in the process, beautify your surroundings with a tongue-in-cheek sticker of a turd? Read more

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You might not think twice as you flush it down the loo, but there are entire professions dealing with your poo. We profiled three Berliners for our shit issue. Here's one of them. Read more

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Interactive historical tours of Berlin are all the rage right now. From the grim reality of Stasi oppression to the sound of cicadas in Pergamon , technology is overlaying the past with the present. Read more

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Ever seen those little huts on rafts cruising around the Berlin waters? Two of them are actually floating saunas. One is on the Spree, but more recently, you can sweat it out on the Havel as well. Saunafloss was launched in September. Read more

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