Rosa Luxemburg

A mug shot of Berlin socialist icon, Rosa Luxemburg, is being used to make a new kind of feminist statement - on your post! The custom made stamps were the result of a crowdfunding campaign by a Kreuzberg-based artist to honour the famous Berliner. Read more


Berlin is scooting towards the e-revolution – or is it? EXB investigates how the "Verkehrswende" is coming along. Also in this issue: e-scooters tested, the local skating scene revisited and September's book, film and art fests previewed! Out now! Read more

Every Berliner knows her name, but many are ignorant of who Rosa Luxemburg really was, and there are many misconceptions about her life and ideas. We spoke to historian Jörn Schütrumpf to set the record straight. Read more


... or Rosa by the book. Read more

What's On

Rosa Luxemburg’s letters reveal an emotional depth, a love of nature and a sensuality light years away from the implacable cold-hearted revolutionary she’s remembered as. Read more


Six women share their take on Luxemburg and why they think the revolutionary icon is still relevant to their lives and fights of today. Read more

Interviews & Portraits

Take a biographical tour of Rosa’s two decades in the Hauptstadt, from her first home to her final resting place. Read more

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Exberliner's editor-in-chief on why she'll once again be at Friedrichsfelde cemetery this Sunday, January 13, to remember Luxemburg, as well as a bit on what can be found in our Rosa issue out on newsstands now! Read more

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During her Berlin years, Luxemburg developed a passion for collecting plants. She meticulously catalogued her finds in 18 notebooks in the last six years of her life – up until the October Revolution put an abrupt end to her unexpected hobby. Read more

Interviews & Portraits

Barbara Sukowa’s Luxemburg in Margarethe von Trotta’s biopic has become as iconic as the revolutionary herself. Why didn’t the GDR make its own film about the Red Rosa? On Jan 7, Arsenal screens the GDR's few cinematic portrayals of her. Read more

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Rosa Lux reloaded! 100 years after Rosa Luxemburg's death, Exberliner rediscovers the vibrant woman and prophetic thinker behind the revolutionary Berlin icon, and what makes her inspiring for generations of women today. Out now! Read more

Bookworm or not: if it’s a good read, it’s a good gift. We’ve rounded up some of Berlin’s best new books for under the tree. Read more

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A Rosa Luxemburg fan spent Sunday in Friedrichsfelde among East German nostalgists and Marxists of all feathers, commemorating the 98th anniversary of the deaths of Luxemburg and comrade-in-arms Karl Liebknecht. Read more

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It’s been 95 years since Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht were murdered by the Social Democratic government of 1919. Remember them - and take part in a uniquely Berlin institution - at their annual commemorative demonstration this Sunday at 10am. Read more

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