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Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell met through the Brighton punk scene. Celebrating a decade together, last year the duo shunned the slick professionalism of the UK and decamped to Berlin for six months. They'll be playing Astra on Thu, Apr 10. Read more

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The fifth installment of Alfilm covers a crucial cross-section of contemporary and vintage Arab film. Including the Oscar-nominated "Winter of Discontent", Alfilm runs at Babylon Mitte and B/B Multiples Mar 19-26. Read more


INTERVIEW. The nerdy-aber-sexy power-pop duo bounce from self-help lectures to stage. Stay up after hours at Lido on Mar 24 at 8pm. Read more

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Whispers of Mitte's nightlife death have been floating through Berlin for a while, but it's never actually come to pass. Cosy new addition Larry breathes new life into the scene with its upmarket-dive bar appeal. Read more

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For our new series "Ich will nicht nach Berlin", Sam Smernicki checks out the easiest-ever sell Berlin nightlife could possibly offer: Burgers & Hip Hop. The next one is on Sat, Mar 1 at Prince Charles. Read about it here first. Read more

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INTERVIEW. Die Nerven are influenced by 1980s punk from both sides of the Atlantic, part New York hardcore and part Ätzer 81. New record Fun is out, but they're a band to be experienced live – the three-piece play Monarch on Wed, Feb 19. Read more

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INTERVIEW. Emerging on a wave of guitar-led pop bands mid-oughts, Maxïmo Park, featuring vocalist Paul Smith and guitarist Duncan Lloyd, are one of the few to survive Gordon Brown. Match their velocity at Huxley's Neue Welt on Thu, Feb 13. Read more

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INTERVIEW. At the helm of the trap scene is a man shrouded in a carefully guarded mystery – ƱZ. And he is, it might be added, a man of few words. He’ll be opening up the floor Fri, Jan 3 at Gretchen. Read more

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INTERVIEW. Saying goodbye to the band, singer/guitarist Jochen "Doc" Wenz also sighs on music's value nowadays. As part of The Doc’s farewell tour, the band jettisons the sounds of Fat Tuesday for an Ash Wednesday on Wed, Dec 11 at Lido. Read more

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