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Director Nora Abdel-Maksoud delivers a side-splitting linguistic extravaganza striking at the heart of today's identity politics debate. Catch "The Sequel" at the Maxim Gorki Aug 24-25. Read more

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Now in its 31st edition, Tanz im August brings the sleepy summer stage circuit to life. It kicks off Fri, Aug 9. Read more

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This summer, EXB is taking you off the beaten track with insiders' hangout tips, hot Berlin debut novels, a trip to a Kurdish village full of Berliners, Max Czollek's original take on how Germany is really treating Jews and much more! Out now! Read more

Fifty years on from the famous 1969 riots, two festivals celebrate Berlin’s queer past, present and future. Read more

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No shit! EXB is another year older and dedicating its anniversary issue to the lucky, yucky and fertile topic of poop. From real shit workers to the many faeces of German history, from anal douching to doggy-doo delinquency and much more! Out now! Read more

Jamaican choreographer Zwoisy Mears-Clarke’s Worn and Felt is an interactive performance that transposes the invisible nature of racism into non-visual dance. Catch it through May 26 at Sophiensaele. Read more

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Sharon Eyal’s Half Life is a tough act to follow. Performance after performance is greeted with a thunderous standing ovation. How does it pair up with Van Dijk’s Distant Matter? Read on and see for yourself May 30 and Jun 1 at the Komische Oper. Read more

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The most prestigious festival for German-language theater sees a freie Szene breakthrough, expensive stage design and diversity issues. Catch the fest May 3-17. Read more

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Take a spring trip – in Berlin! We've rounded up some of the best local getaways including a riviera walk, island hopping, time travel, kitsch excursions, intercultural wedding crashing and much more! Out now! Read more

Israeli star choreographers Hofesch Shechter, Sharon Eyal, Gai Behar and Ohad Naharin present their most iconic productions in a triple bill at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele. Catch the two-hour tour de force Apr 11-14. Read more

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Philine Rinnert

In an immersive yet alienating performance at the Sophiensæle, Johannes Müller and Philine Rinnert revive the 1930s Heimat musical, which was banned by the Nazis and resurrected by German exiles in New York. Read our review and catch it April 5-8. Read more

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Toula Limnaios „shifted realities“

Dieter Hartwig

What does Foucaultian theory look like on stage? Berlin veteran choreographer Toula Limnaios and her long-time dancer Hironori Sugata present a philosophy inspired “double solo” at the Halle TanzBühne. Read our review and catch it Apr 4-6. Read more

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As Berlin kids are joining the global strikes for climate justice, what's the rest of Berlin doing to save the planet? From idealistic club owners to ingenious startups and sustainable architecture, read about the city's green pioneers. Out now! Read more

Maja Zade, a dramaturg at the Schaubühne for nearly 20 years, has turned our society upside-down in her meta-theatrical analysis of the #MeToo movement – her debut as playwright. Catch it this month Mar 10-12 (only German). Read more

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Brexit MAY be upon us, but British life in Berlin continues. We spoke to Brits planning their future here, met with some of the city's noteworthy English(wo)men, Scots and Welsh and found the best places to buy UK essentials. Out now! Read more

Two new productions demonstrate wildly different takes on the utility of Brecht’s plays today. Read more

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INTERVIEW! Schaubühne dramaturg and script translator Maja Zade on becoming a playwright herself. See her work for yourself in her new work "status quo" Feb 7-9 and 11. Read more

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From hookup apps to polyamory, from impossible and extramarital romance to the psychology of love, we explore how Berliners are finding each other in Germany's singles capital. Also: The Berlinale is upon us and our film team has the lowdown. Read more


These productions will head to the Berliner Festspiele in May: The jury has convened and the invitations are out – the seven-headed panel has announced the 10 most important theatre productions in the German-speaking world. Read more

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