In the German papers this week: More investment than ever for Berlin startups, tractor protest set for the weekend, a €6M staircase attraction at Humboldt, Fridays For Future is coming to your kiez, and more! Read more

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EXB resident techxpert Jewell Sparks on the shift of the startup accelerator model to the incubator model in Berlin and why in a culture notoriously risk-averse accelerators are key to ensure the city's thriving startup scene. Read more

Tech & Startups

EXB's resident techxpert Jewell Sparks looks ahead to which Berlin startups are set to explode in 2020. Read more

Tech & Startups

INTERVIEW! Reza Memari and his team connect 80,000 people looking for homes, love or work with their newsletter service WoLoHo in nine different German cities. The underlying goal? Keeping it personal in order to help each other. Read more

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At first glance, their fashionable, monochromatic bright colours and clear packaging might have you mistake them for a designy upgrade on their regular plastic shelf-mates: but the biobrush is 94 percent biodegradable! Read more

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As Berlin kids are joining the global strikes for climate justice, what's the rest of Berlin doing to save the planet? From idealistic club owners to ingenious startups and sustainable architecture, read about the city's green pioneers. Out now! Read more

Artificial Intelligence has captured the attention of investors and developers worldwide. But what is AI actually used for in the German capital and how intelligent is it, really? Read more

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Dan surveys the city’s start-up campus boom. In July, manufacturing giant Siemens announced plans to create a centre for aspiring technology entrepreneurs in Spandau which they’re calling an “innovations campus”. But Siemens isn't alone. Read more


Cabin Spacey hopes to provide the nomadic, Berlin hipster elite of the future with the prefab home of their dreams. Read more

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Photo by Marco Bellucci (Flickr CC)

With the Cambridge Analytica scandal, data privacy finally hit the mainstream. In Berlin there's a long tradition of fighting for data protection that reaches back to the pre-digital era. It's worth taking a look at that history. Read more


In the fight against the tech giant’s planned move to Kreuzberg, local anti-gentrification activists and expat anti-surveillance hacktivists have found a common enemy. Read more

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Wondering what Berlin's start-ups are actually producing? Or just nostalgic for the Skymall catalogue? Either way, the Start-Up Guide Store is for you. Read more

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It’s hard not to get doomy and gloomy about climate change, but could a little more green in the world help stave it off? These techies think so! Read more

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Forget Mitte and Silicon Allee: there's a Berlin start-up hotspot hiding in plain sight on the campus of Charlottenburg's Technical University. Here's a look at what's been happening. Read more

Tech & Startups

After a stormy summer, Soundcloud’s future seems to be secure for now. But who knows what lies ahead for the music streaming site? Read more

Tech & Startups

Summer is over and soon Berlin’s streets will be flooded by children with enormous backpacks and even bigger candy-filled Schultüten. But Berlin has no shortage of e-resources for students of all backgrounds and ages. Read more

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Just how much can you rely on your weather app? And how do they work, anyway? Read more

Tech & Startups

Vay-cray time is upon us, and no matter whether you’ve opted for a quick getaway, or are sticking around for a staycation, there are a few Berlin-based start-ups that can help you out. Read more

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For a few days this month, my trusty city bike was in repair. More than a little bereft, I wondered if any of Berlin's new ride-sharing apps could help spice up my commute. Read more

Tech & Startups

Berlin’s had a ban on short-term sublets for a year now – but the likes of Airbnb and Wimdu are still bursting with holiday rentals. How come? Read more

Tech & Startups

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