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A chat with... historian Thomas Kuehne. Let's face it, people are beauty nuts! Even those that resist or reject it make their own. Kuehne deconstructs the complex and somewhat sinister face of modern beauty. Read more


For better or worse, a new breed of “place consumers” is transforming Berlin’s neighbourhoods – we spoke to the city’s top expert, urban planner Johannes Novy, about the impact of these hipster nomads. Read more

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At the European premiere of the doomsday blockbuster 2012 - held in Berlin on the 20th anniversary of the Mauerfall - its star John Cusack was questioned by a fawning fan: “What do you think about the future, John?” Read more

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Berlin grew around its ubiquitous, indomitable transport architecture, and today, the city remains welded to its public transit grid. But in an era of privatisation and changing priorities, has it lost its urban vision? Read more

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Since its birth in 1951, the Berlin International Film Festival has grown from cold war cultural outpost to global beacon of progressive politics to A-list world player, complete with Hollywood stars and blockbuster movies. But is the Berlinale a victim of its own success? Read more


The Mayan calender prophecy is the latest in a long line of cosmic events that were said to spell the end. Here are some of the most anticipated apocalypses in history - all of which, needless to say, fizzled. Read more

Interviews & Portraits

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