Teresa McGowan

Think finding a flat is hard? Try it as an unemployed welfare recipient. For Berlin’s most vulnerable residents, the housing shortage is becoming a homeless crisis. People in Germany's Hartz-IV system are facing the streets. Read more


INTERVIEW: Stephen Frears. The famed English film director has seen success on both sides of the Atlantic, but with his latest, Lay the Favorite, he actually attempts to MAKE an American film. Read more


BEHIND THE PRINT: The Irish want their movies back! Before the 1936 Olympics, Hitler was interested in the hefty sport of hammer-throwing and the kings of the toss were from Ireland. Read more


BEHIND THE PRINT: North Korea’s press has bestowed myth-like qualities on Berlin’s birds, while the ambassador fishes illegally. Read more

Zeitgeist 3 Comments

Bits of the Berlin Wall have ended up in some strange places, since its fall in '89. Here are just a few. Read more


Continuing our series of Berlin-based stories as news in other parts of the world, we look at the largest chunk of Wall as it stands in LA, manifesting itself as an outdoor canvas for artists from all sides. Read more


Visitors on a tour of the former Stasi prison might be lucky enough to come across Vera Lengsfeld, whose life story is so compelling that Hollywood snapped up the movie rights. Read more


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