It's a new decade - and time to deal with old guilt! Can we offset our air miles? Make our everyday more sustainable? We chart the route to redemption. Also: Berliners confess, mum shaming gone crazy and colonial guilt going unacknowledged. Out now! Read more


This year's Transmediale and two topical art shows will change your perspective on digital society. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

Instead of one main exhibition, this year Transmediale presents “Conversation Piece”, a series of events, installations and conversations, Feb 3-7 at HKW. We've navigated the “infinite scroll” of the programme to find this year’s must-sees for you. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

INTERVIEW: Davide Quayola's "Iconographies" (through Mar 5 at NOME) is the buzzed-about exhibition at this year's Transmediale Vorspiel. The Italian artist uses custom software to put a spin on renowned works from throughout history. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

Berlin's most esoteric festival of arts, Transmediale, returns to Berlin, with a task to "Capture All". Catch it at Haus der Kulturen der Welt Jan 28-Feb 1. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

Just two more days until Transmediale and CTM come to a close with Robert Henke's "Lumiere". Read our interview with the Berlin electronic music luminary before experiencing the laser-packed performance at HKW on Sun, Feb 2 at 9:30pm. Read more


Fridey Mickel sifts through the digital detritus and tells you what not to miss at this year's Transmediale. Read more



Michal Andrysiak

The week-long digital art/music festival opened on Friday with a new (and free!) exhibition full of hands-on sonic Soviet bliss. Check back on our blog for updates from CTM and Transmediale through the fest's end on Feb 2. Read more


INTERVIEW. "Eier haben", to have eggs. Sounds altogether feminine, doesn't it? But in many languages, eggs are also synonymous with testicles. Torr explores at this year's Transmediale on Feb. 3. Read more

Theatre & Dance

Influential digital artist Lialina on this year’s Transmediale and why the internet is not a “neutral object machine”. Part of the ‘in/compatible’ symposium program from Feb. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

OUT NOW! "BEST of FILM", "BLITZ guide to the BERLINALE" and "25 years of the TEDDY" Read more

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He juggles more projects than Wowereit does parties: Axel Willner will be fighting zombies and minimalists for club transmediale, one guitar wash at a time. Read more

Concerts & Parties

Interview: Stephen Kovats. The transmediale artistic director is packing up his laptop following this year's fest after five years at the helm. Digital suicide and WikiLeaks are on the radar for his last year. Read more

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