Uta Friedrich


Interview: Frank Willens. Listening to God brought Willens to Berlin seven years ago. Now the dancer is preparing a 'partly telepathic' performance for Tanztage. Read more

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Why would a Jewish Ukranian Zionist move to Berlin? To preach the Gospel of Jesus, of course. Uta Friedrich attended a Shabbat service to learn more about Wladimir Pikman and his congregation of Jews for Jesus. Read more

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Desperate to spread her Christmas cheer, Uta Friedrich tries to give her time to a noble cause. But most of Berlin's charities prefer her cash. Read more


KREATIONEN 2010 was this month and EXBERLINER was on the scene to see what would happen at Berlin's first indie puppet theatre festival. Read more

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"We are the robots." Ever wonder how chatbots reflect who we are? The director and writer of "Hello Hi There" shares her ideas of beauty and machines, and the role of the theatre in bringing them together. Read more

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BERLIN BEAUTY: In a world obsessed with beauty, Del is the guy cashing in on being ugly. The flipside to our interview with Miss Germany 2010. Read more


What of the 17th International Theater Festival Unidram? There was plenty of vomiting there, but was it all dry-heaving or was there some substance to it? Uta Friedrich reviews the experience. Read more

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UNIDRAM, one of the major Festivals for Off Theater in Germany invites you to a loooong Tuesday. Read more

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Christoph Winkler’s Taking Steps provides an insight into the everyday routine behind the curtains – the part of the dancer’s life that usually remains invisible to the audience. Read more

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